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I saw the ENT specialist as my gp has run out of ideas. He explained that normal ige levels are around 15 - mine are over 480 so obviously I have a huge allergy to something. He put the camera up my nose - immflamation and the early stages of polyps. He prescribed me antibiotics, more steroids and a stronger nasal spray. He thinks I may have diseased sinuses and stated if I have no joy with the meds then surgery may be the only option.

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  • I hope the meds work out for you.

  • I do hope your new medications work for you.

  • Hi Brenviking , I was diagnosed with chronic infected sinusitis and also had a nasal septal defect. I had surgery and was amazed with the results and my hearing which had been affected by the congestion improved dramatically . I still use a maintenance spray daily .I resisted surgery but in the end I felt it was my only option. I am better .

    I hope my tale helps .

  • I have had sinus problems for years but I never thought they would lead to asthma. The ENT specialist thinks my sinuses are diseased and stated if the meds don't work then it's surgery. The sound of them popping keeps me awake at night!

  • Hello Brenviking, I had FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) in May of last year to remove polyps and clear out extensive blockages in all of my sinuses. Before that, I had constant pressure in my face and no sense of smell for seven months, constant colds and misery. It made a huge difference. I was fortunate to have the surgery done privately as I'm insured through work.

    It's a day surgery and I had very little bother immediately afterwards, very slight bleeding that had gone by the next morning. I did need to take 2 weeks off work and rest up - and I needed the full two weeks, but having said that, I'd felt so unwell for a few months up to that point, it's hardly surprising.

    Since then, I've worked out that I'm allergic to pollution - just a 4 day visit to London in Feb this year meant I lost my sense of smell for about 5 weeks. I'm using Dymista nasal spray to help maintain my sense of smell and keep down the inflammation.

    I also have hay fever and my GP has recently switched me to monetelukast for asthma as it helps address reactions to allergens, I think it's helping my sense of smell too (by reducing nasal inflammation). I've also been taking a daily antihistamine from July - September and I'm considering whether I should keep taking it to help manage the pollution allergy. I know that there's a good chance of polyps recurring, so that's why I think the antihistamine might be wise - again to keep down inflammation.

    Regarding potential for surgery - the strong steroids may help remove the polyps in your nose. I took those as well and they helped a little. However, when I had a CAT scan, that showed extensive blockage in all my sinuses - I don't think the nasal drops would have reached all areas. It might be worth you having a scan to see how far the blockage has reached. If you do an image search on CAT scan sinus blockage, you'll see the areas I mean.

    I wish you well and hope the drops work for you, but if they don't, my own experience of the surgery is it's absolutely fine and works. all the best x

  • My son had severe rhinitis which added to the misery of asthma. He was prescribed Avamys inhaler which really helped. You could ask your consultant or GP about it. Best wishes.

  • I had sinus surgery in 2011. I tried the stronger steroids first but didn't help. The surgery helped me loads.

  • The avamys did nothing for me - I was then prescribed dymista which has some effect. Waiting to see what I am being prescribed next.

  • I got told normal ige levels were around 100 but can go up to 5000. Mines 1196. Is it your nose? because if it's your asthma you can usually have a skin price test to see what your allergies are. Hope things work out for you.

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