Yay starting to improve!

After my third lot of antibiotics and second lot of steroids, I might actually be starting to improve, yay! I have 2 more days of antibiotics and steroids left, hopefully that'll be it for some time!!

My peak flow is up to 65% , I'm only using my blue inhaler about 2 or 3 times a day (usually after I've been coughing a bit so get tight chest and wheezy) and while I still have a chesty cough, it's clear stuff I'm coughing up.

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  • That's good to hear. X

  • Glad things are improving....hopefully all that clear stuff will be out soon and your chest will feel lighter. X

  • Hmm clear stuff now not clear and chest no better grrr. Back to the gp when I can get an appt!

  • It is good to hear that you are improving. Keep at it.

  • Better than I was originally but still not right, pf no higher than 65% and still using ventolin. Trying to get in to see gp but no appt yet.

  • I don't understand why they are like this with you. Surely getting asthma controlled is better than having to give you emergency care?

    My peak flow is only 80% at the moment . I am lucky enough to have wonderful nurses looking after me.

  • I always have trouble getting an appointment, the surgery is fit to bust with patients and 2 doctors have left, it's a nightmare! Can't transfer as all the local ones have closed their books to new patients.

    I'm glad they're looking after you and get you better soon, my pf was 50% when this infection started and I know how horrible it is. I'll end up dizzy on oxygen when my lungs start to work properly!!

  • I am sorry that you are having such a hard time finding care. Do you have an asthma plan? Keeping it in my mind gives me the confidence to demand the right care. If my peak flow goes to 50% I am told to ring 999 and keep using the ventolin luckily I have not been that bad. It really annoys me when you are not given the care you need. I hope you can sort it out soon.

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