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Clarithromycin and prednisone

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Have had bad asthma for past few months. Inhaler changed from Flutiform to Symbicort, back to Flutiform. Also take ventolin 4 puffs a day, loratadine for hay fever and steroid nasal stray. Have recently had two lots of doxycycline, 2 lots of oral steroids. Went to GP this morning and was prescribed Clarithromycin and more oral steroids. Have read some negative reports about clarithromycin & am worried about taking them. Also taking them with prednisone is supposed to be not so good. Does anyone have any experience of the two together? I am really fed up with the downturn n asthma control.

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I have been prescribed Clarithromycin and Prednisolone for treatment of chest infections and have not experienced any problems taking these.

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Pie1948 in reply to Asthma-girl

Thank you for your reply. I will take them!

Same reply as asthma girl, I get prescribed the same combination for chest infections and they work fine together x

I've been on a low dose of Clarythromycin for years now, together with 10mg Pred for severe "difficult asthma". Had no adverse side effects with Clarythromycin other than the nasty metallic taste in mouth. Keep chewing gum to hand, or brush teeth.

I know I would be far worse without both these drugs. Hope they help you too!

As far as I'm concerned, cos I am so I'll, the Pred are Gods Little Lifesavers rather than the Devils tic Tacs some call them. Yes, I've had some severe side effects, but Without them I would be long gone..

Everyone has to make a choice...

Good luck

Hate steriods but hav choice of take them or if not i cant breathe.

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