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Hay Fever season & brittle asthma

Hi all,

It's that time of year again for me, I do feel fortunate that my asthma is only seasonal, but the consultant did say I t was brittle asthma those of you who suffer all year round have my heart felt sympathy.

So this year after undergoing immunology during the winter - I managed a course of reduced tree pollen, but when it t came to grass pollen they had to stop because it became life threatening. I felt I was better prepared this year, my action plan in place, new inhaler - fostair, double dose antihistamines, montelucast at night, demista nasal spray, back to ideal weight, fit as a fiddle, peak flow 470, yoga twice a week.

Unfortunately despite everything I "crashed" last night, after a very sleepless night I've reached for my prednisone this morning, thankfully I am a calm person & do think that helps as does the yoga practice. My problem now is I have a 10k race on Sat, I've been training hard for months I am determined to do it, what are other people's thoughts - would I be stupid to go ahead or should I be recovered enough to take part?


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It doesn't sound like exercise is a particular trigger for you, so if you feel fit enough then go for can always stop if you think it's too much. Don't keep pushing yourself though if you feel your asthma kicking in as that would be dangerous, but you know your body best of anybody :)

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No exercise isn't the trigger , just been outdoors is, but hopefully I'll complete the 10k - Nordic Walking - in 1hr 35 mins, so not out for too long.

"You know your body best" that's taken me ages to get my head round, I think I wanted docs to tell me what I needed, but you are right - I do know my own body best. Also my asthma is the non wheezy variety, although docs do now thankfully acknowledge it more, more often than not they'd tell me I was having a panic attack in the past!!!!

Thanks for your reply, keep well x

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Sorry I'm a bit late but I would ask a doctor first. As someone else with no-wheeze, good-sats brittle Asthma I would not risk it.


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