How long is the norm for exasbation

I have been asmatic for 30 years but in the however in the last 8 years my asthma has changed, now when it starts it escalates from manageable with inhalers to hospital admissions with nebs very quickly and the recovery afterwards is always more than a month and with a slow reduction of the preds is this normal or should I get further advice?

On this latest episode it started following a flu type symptoms for two days on the third day 11th February, the Asthma started along with prednisone and antibiotics. I am currently still getting breathless on exertion symptoms at night and currently reducing the preds by 5mg every 3 day .

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  • Best advice I can give is to phone the helpline good luck :-)

  • Hi jackie if you are not over it yet and still breathless you shouldn't be reducing pred, see what the GP or the Asthma nurse says. There's a good article on steroids on the Asthma UK website

    Take care xx

  • Thank you this is very helpful information think I need to review my prednisone course I'm currently reducing but still getting symptoms just felt that I am wasting there time but I feel rough and I had got over worst episodes faster than this in the past

  • When did you last see a respiratory consultant? As with all our bodies as they age our lungs age and what worked as a teenager won't work as well when you are older.

    Hormones play a big part too.

    I'd phone the asthma helpline and get a telephone appointment with a nurse and take it from there but a formal respiratory review would be my plan.

  • Thank you I will call the respiratory nurse today

  • Yes Jackie it's better you have another listen to your chest and get the right meds sometimes it takes 2 or 3 goes until it finally settles. I always push docs and nurses until I feel my chest is clear because If not I know it will only flare up again, because our immune system is low and it's winter etc

    Take care xxx

  • Thanks thought I was driving them potty but you are correct and very helpful x

  • Saw Gp back in hospital but at least feel something is being done thanks for the support

  • Get better soon and take care X

  • Thank you they are looking into a PE now but I'm already on Warfrin feeling better on oxygen thank you all for the support it helped

  • Not a PE but nebs are working

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