Another day in paradise

still in hospital after another attack over the weekend, its been less than a month since my last admission.

Just questioning what will stop it now. There must be something to help. I do take a mix of vitamins and magnesium plus all my medication And try to be healthy.

My consultant came to see me today and kind of just said "let's keep 2 hourly Nebs and chase up the referal to the other place"

Helpful! also guessing lm not going home yet! I also assume he doesn't have an answer to why it's happening so much with no real obvious triggers.

Hopefully I will Manage sleep and feel less exsarsperated!

Sorry I posted another whinge

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  • When you have to go through what you are suffering you need a whinge. Hopefully you might get some sleep tonight take care ♥♥♥

  • Thank you 😀 Hopefully they will let me go today! Xx

  • hi cconstan1....are you on any maintenance inhaler or any asthma medication other the Nebs...Also, have you tried Buteyko Breathing Exercise. All I see is that you take Magnesium and Nebs on your profile. Hope you feel better...buteyko really helps me control my symptoms. Let me know if you try it someday.

  • I'm on fostair, qvar, spiriva as well as Nebs. (Plus montelikast and preds) I will look into the buteyko thanks :-)

  • I'm on qvar too... Been doing research on symbicort. I know a co-worker that swears by it. The review is not to bad. When My qvar stops doctor has it on back up if I need it.......but I'm afraid to take the long acting inhalers. Thanks for the reply...

    I do take alternative stuff too that helps my immune system. If your interested, I'll send it to you.

    take care

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