Productive attack

Had my worst attack to date on Friday morning, ended up in ITU for the night aminophylline ( if that is how you spell it) drip. The physio who came round the ward on Sunday said she could hear my breathing down the corridor when I was admitted into resus so I must have been rather wheezy!

However it has given my consultant a bit of a kick into taking action. I have to see him next week but he will be changing me to aminophylline regularly,(does anyone have this? Do they have it in pill form or injected?) as well as referring me to Brompton. Because im already on 40 mg of pred, montelukast, fostair, qvar and spiriva and still having bad attacks without an infection present or any known allergies he thinks it needs to be investigated a bit more to see what else they can do. I was also told my asthma is Brittle. Which has been mentioned in passing before but they sat down and talked to me about it, which type it was (type 1) and all the differences and what I can do (which I was happy to realise I was already doing as I was definitely feeling like I was failing at controlling my condition) . I finally feel like I have some answers, not necessarily all the answers I wanted but I feel like I can take more control of my life and my condition plus it seems like there is more being done quicker to try and get it under better control. Im still worried about my job and my family being effected but I have realised I cannot do anymore than I do to change it and so what ever happens will happen and I will find a way to deal with it.

It's made me more determined to get back to at least trying to dance (I used to ballroom and Latin dance until the beginning of this year when it all started to get much worse)

So while it was scary and has been a traumatic weekend, I feel like I might be making some progress. And came home last night (after much begging to be allowed home) feeling a little more at peace with life in general!! (Though thanks to my crazy high heart rate from Everyhing I've hardly slept since Friday so it might be exhaustion)

There was no real point to this post I don't think so sorry if I bored you!

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  • Oh no hoe u b allowed home soon and feeling better I have brittle asthma not nice and can b very frightening I go to Royal Brompton regularly for treatment there really nice up there they will sort u out I can't take the aminotholine or montaluask but good luck with it all hope they sort u out here if want a chat any time

  • Not boring one bit you should feel so very proud of yourself after all you are going through you sound very positive "good on yet " ♥♥♥

  • You poor thing I do you start to feel better soon

    Take care of yourself

  • Enjoyed reading your post certainly not boring it was good to hear that you feel in better control now and that things are moving in the right direction for you,

    Good Luck and keep I. Touch so that we know how you get on.



  • That must have been so scary for you. It is good that someone has given you the time to tell you about your asthma and you feel more understanding of your condition. You are not alone and we are all here to support each other xx

  • Sorry to hear about your attack I to have type 1Brittle asthma so I know how difficult it can be, as to your question about aminophylline yes I take it in pill form and it is called uniphyllin I have to take 3 tablets a day as well as the rest of my drugs which is alot as my asthma is not well controlled, but I keep smiling and try to do as much as I can, so keep your chin up and try to not let it dictate what you can and can't do. Good luck

  • What an outing. I am glad something positive came out of all the trauma . Rest up and have a speedy recovery .

  • My 18yr old takes aminophylline (Uniphylln) and it really helps. He takes 2 tabs a day. Good luck and take things very easy.

  • Not boring at all. It's sounds like you had a really rough time, but hopefully now you can see what's happening and why and feel a bit more in control. That's what asthma does sometimes,leaves you feeling as if you are vulnerable and helpless all the time. It's such a debilitating disease when its uncontrolled. People who don't have it take breathing without thinking for granted, for us it's always on your mind.

    wishing you good luck and better health.

  • No need to apologise - it's good to talk it through!

  • I have been overwhelmed by the messages here! Thank you all so much for your understanding and support. I've found this past year very tough and kind of isolating and it's good to know there are people out there who get it when my friends and family may not so much (not through any fault of their own)

    Thank you all again

    :-) x

  • I enjoyed reading your post. I used to take amillphilne tablets (cannot spell it) you have to have regular blood tests to check your dose is therapeutic. Do not have anything containing caffeine while you are on it I promise you that drug and caffeine gives you terrible shakes, a banging head and feeling sick. I learnt this the hard way. The amillphilne other names are uniphillin or theophylline (can spell these) some of the tablets are slow release. Once you have been started on a particular brand make sure you stay on that brand. Googling theophylline and caffeine makes an interesting read on why not to do it. You can have chocolate but be careful not too much else you get terrible shakes yes chocolate has tiny amount of caffeine.

    You may want to read about theophylline as side effects must be watched out for and told to your GP. You will require regular monitoring. Once you get used to side effects you will discover your breathing improve your lungs will feel big and like you can finally breathe normally. After a year on this some people like me can come off it.

    The drug basically relaxes all your smooth muscles ie brain, heart, lungs, stomach. It a very old medication, very expensive for gps but amazing at helping type 1 brittle asthma once you get use to side effects and it gets to a therapeutic dose.

    Hope that is enough info for now. Feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best from my memory of the drug.

  • Thank you so much for all the information. It has really helped :-)

  • You shouldn't feel sorry for being poorly. We're all here to help each other with it. Don't feel alone. Hope you get well asap. Xx

  • Thanks again everyone for the support. I can't believe it's been coming up to 2 weeks now and I still look and feel like I've been hit by a bus!

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