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Asthma advice needed please

Does anyone know how long it takes for antibiotics & steroids take to kick in? Amoxicillin & Prednisolone.

Woke up last Saturday with short of breath, tight chest. Saw the Dr first thing on Monday (14th September) which she has given me the meds.

Feel like I haven't improved though, and I'm using both brown & blue inhalers. Don't no whether to go see my doctor again tomorrow? Or just wait it out a little longer - not sure how many days the meds kick in as I only started them Monday afternoon so is that too soon?

Many thanks :-)

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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Antibiotics usually take 48hrs to kick in, as do steroids. If you are still strugling i would go back to your gp and explain you still feel unwell.

Hope you feel better soon


What dosage of prednisone are you on, suspect quick 5 day course of 30 to 40 mg. Has your peak flow improved since Monday, and how much below your normal base rate was it.

If no noticeable improvement, within 4 days return to GP

Has sputum culture been taken as may be amoxicillan may mot be most effective antibiotic.


Minimum of 3 days before they work.


I feel the steroids work before the antibiotics. I notice a difference within 2/3 days. I would go back to your doctors today as it is the weekend and you need it sorting. Hope you feel better soon xx


Prednisilone will work within a few hours as it is very quick acting and absorbed into your blood stream pretty quickly so you should feel the effects of it after a day if not less.

As others have said the antibiotics take longer to work and it maybe that the infection is driving your asthma which is why your feeling so rubbish. Your airways will be less inflamed but because of the infection you may not feel much better until they start working.

Hope everything settles soon.



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