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I need some advice from people using home nebulisers


Just wondering if anyone has nebulisers at home? Have they helped you? I've always been under the impression that Drs don't like home nebulisers for asthmatics as if your bad enough to need nebulisers you should be seeking medical attention anyway.

However in the last few months my asthma has become quite uncontrollable. I have been on steroids since February and the last 3 months I have been on 40mg. Not ideal but everytime I try and wean down I end up being put back up as i go down hill. I'm still wheezy even taking them and fostair and another inhaler i can never remember the name of, plus ventolin and montelukast.

Anyway I've been in hospital quite a few times for various lengths of time and having ct scans etc. my last stay I was asked if I had home Nebs and it was mentioned I should have them. I hate nebulisers I dont like the racing heart and shakes I get with them and I can never sleep after having them I appreciate they do work though (even if it takes a few) and it's more and more that I have to go to the GP or hospital to have them. My consultant said he will talk to me about them at my next appointment (end of this month). So i guess I have till then to kind of form a view.

I'm just interested in anyone else's experience in them? I often have found speaking to other people going through it gives me a much more well rounded idea. I always walk in and have no idea what to say and since it's getting worse and I'm getting to the point where I am missing so much of my life I kind of want to take more control, and hopefully get myself back to myself, if that makes sense?


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Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of late. I am on home nebs, i have brittle asthma now have had asthma for 20 years but flared up seriously last April, at first my team were not happy for me to have a neb at home, but they felt it safest to neb whilst waiting for either an ambulance or to get to my local hospital. I find it extremly helpful to have it. You usually have a trial of a neb at home where you document symptoms, peak flow etc, then go back to clinic and discuss whether it is beneficial to keep the neb. I am also on long term steroids and cant seem to reduce lower than 35mg before things go bad again.

Hope this has helped and hope you feel better soon


My son has a nebuliser and we wouldnt be without it. He was always put on one when we went to A&E (about 11 yrs ago) and we had to borrow the surgery one for a while - so the then GP agreed it was sensible to get our own. It might not get used for a long time, but when it is it saves a hospital trip.nnThe concern is people using them rather than seeking medical help. Anyway, if your consultant agrees you can have one, I would definitely go for it.nnGood luck and I hope things improve for you.


Thank you both so much for your advice. I think it might be that j should give them a chance. I just felt like if I have home Nebs then I'm admitting I am ill. Sounds crazy, but it's just been a shock, I have bad episodes occasionally but it's been months of little/ no improvement and my GP has said he isn't convinced there really will be (not in those exact words) , so I need to kind of adjust. nIf they help though then as much as I feel like I'm giving in I will feel happier in the long run. nnThank you again :-)


Hi Tia,

Did you end up getting one? I was recently given one after a short stay in hospital. They gave it to me on discharge and said it would help the recovery by keeping my airways more open and not having my body work so hard all the time. I was told to use it 4x day (combivent) even if i did not feel I needed to. I think it helped and gave me a certain comfort in the night knowing it is there,

Hope you managed to get it under control



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