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I have recently started a trial of anti IgE injections xolair and was wondering if anybody else who is on this medication experiencing any side effects. I have had severe vomiting, restlessness and aching arms and legs. I am hoping these will subside as this is the last resort to try and control my brittle asthma. Am also on montelukast, carbocystein, metroclopramide, esomeprazoke, flutiform, cyclesonide, home nebs, daily prednisalone 35mg,

Thank you for reading.

3 Replies


It's is actually Xolair.

I've been on it for around 11 years. I was one of the original guinea pigs for it.

After around 8 years I suffered side effects that you gave experienced and was told I may have to come off it. I stayed off it for 6 months and have been having two injections every other week since.

It has changed my life. Still on ventolin, spiriva respimat, uniphyllin and seretide - BUT hardly have to use my neb or be on Prednisolone so it's great! Also not spent time in hospitals since which has been a revelation.

It may be that it is not for you, but I'd persevere with it.



HI - i too am about to start Xolair. They are only giving me two injections a month because apparently my BMI will only need that much.  I am worried about side effects as there may be an alergic reaction.  I had an anaphalactic reaction to an injected time release drug before.

 Hidden - may I ask you what your symptoms were before you started the injections?  i have asthma and mild Bronchiectasis. I have high mucus production in  my lungs and this results in plugs. This causes as many breathing prolems as asthma and often the two will go hand in hand.   When i get a plug i cant breathe until it is gone.    I cant understand why if i only have mild broncietasis i have so much mucus production.  I use a Symbicort inhaler, ventolin, carbocystiene and Nexium for reflux.

i am so hoping Xolair will make a positive difference.

thanks for reading.    


Find yourself a Salt Room in your city. I've been to one about 15 times and I have less cough and mucus production. It has helped breathing a great deal.


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