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Not coping after recent admission!

Have recently been in hospital with infective exacerbation of my asthma. I had double pneumonia and flu ( even though I had flu jab).

Having brittle asthma this resulted in an admission to HDU. I have previously been to Hdu with my asthma, but this time. I have no recollection of going there and have very vague memory of my first day down there. I was given midazolam and morphine. I was also discharged straight from HDU as there were no beds in the hospital.

I also work in the hospital that I was admitted to and now I am really struggling to go back to work. I have been back one day but got sent home.

I am having nightmares about being I HDU and feel like I am being suffocated (tthink this is due to the fact I was bag and masked) and I can't walk down tje corridor at work past hdu without feeling anxious and sick. My office at work is down this same corridor hence tue work issue.

Is this a normal feeling to have after an admission to critical care. I am usually fine after my other discharges.

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