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Allergy to everything?????


Dont know what has happened but I just started reacting to absolutely everything ( yes was told I have allergies but couldnt find out what to and ige was up and down) but I got a bath bomb and wanted to have a bath in less than 5 min had an asthma trouble and had to have more antibistamines when i had it like an hour before my bath next day I ate a single strawberry and reacted to it in seconds today I reacted already to milk peanuts prunes shower gel washing powder etc been taking antihistamines as usual but the reactions I get its just getting worse each time and theres nothing that doesnt seems to set me off except for potatoes chicken and hummus ?

Also cetrizine makes my reactions worse but loratidine usually works but its just not doing its trick now and already tried other antihistamines like acrovastine and fexofenadine i turn into a tomato red and swelled up ?? Anyone had such an experience? Or any ideas as to what to do?

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