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Getting better from years of untreated asthma

Since I was a kid I had some asthma symptoms related to my allergies, which I controlled by staying away from triggers. I also had a few episodes of bronchitis that caused shortness of breath, but they went away with antibiotics after a few days.

After I got some minor flu this Christmas, I started to develop symptoms similar to those of the bronchitis I had in the past. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics and steroids. I finished the medication, but my symptoms persisted. They tried another round of antibiotics but that didn't help much either. I decided to go to a pulmonologist and told him my medical history (asthma caused by my allergies, some acid reflux, and a sinus problems). He told me that because I didn't have fever, night sweats and my X-Rays didn't have sign of pneumonia, it was probably asthma that wasn't properly treated.

They put me on 10mg of Prednisone for ten days, Advair once a day with Combivent every 8 hours indefinitely until my symptoms improve. It's been a little over two days since I began the treatment, but I don't feel like a did before I got sick... Does anyone have experienced something similar? Do you know how long it could take for symptoms to improve? The doctor also put me on omeprazole to treat possible reflux and loratadine for the allergies.

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