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constant oral thrush

Hello, this is my first time on the forum. I was diagnosed with asthma about 6 months ago. My asthma is pretty much under control ( I think) but I have had oral thrush for nearly 2 months now and am quite fed up. I was given Clenil first and then moved to Qvar 100 at 4 puffs a day in the hope that oral thrush would be less of a problem. I've been given 3 weeks worth of Nystatin, two weeks of a floxi something tablet and had Daktarin for over a week but started to suffer side effects from that so have stopped using it.

I've seen different doctors each time I've been in (the asthma nurse didn't know what to do with me so has said I'm to see the doctors instead) and each time they have prescribed a different medicine to deal with the thrush. I read on a forum that yoghurt was good so have been using that and things have certainly calmed down a lot but it hasn't gone yet. I have stopped using the preventer which I know I shouldn't have done but my mouth has been so sore and it has been causing the thrush. My peak flow is still fine at the moment and I have a doctors appointment on Monday. It's been really useful reading about other peoples experiences. I shall ask for Diffiam mouthwash and ask about changing the inhaler. Someone mentioned changing to a powder accuhaler, would this help? I've been looking on the net; I may well be wrong but is Alvesco the one that is least likely to cause side effects? I do use a spacer and rinse afterwards but that hasn't stopped the thrush.

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There have been quite a lot of posts on the forum on the subject over the years. If you key in 'oral thrush' in the box on the top right hand side of this page ('forum search'/Search Keyword) it will bring up the previous posts which may be useful.

Also, persevere with your doctor if it continues to be a problem.

Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


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