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diagnosed late twenties


I was diagnosed with asthma a year ago - at 27 - i wondered if this is common - because I keep developing even worse symptoms.

I only had a very very very mild hayfever or dust mite allerg, barely noticeable, where I grew up (damp west scotland in a carpeted and curtained house) and never asthma. after working for a few years in a drier warmer climate in africa i moved to the netherlands last year, where I somehow ended developing a really bad dust mite allergy (in addition to tree pollen, cats , dogs) but it's the dust mites that are the problem. despite taking measures at home to decrease them it got worse over the last year - including bad sneezing reactions so i recently changed from salbutamol a few times a day to seritide twice a day + a nasal steroid spray + salbutamol if required - which has made an amazing difference. i can feel it affecting my fitness - and i basically never had any health condition before. i just don't understand where it came from.

the weirdest thing is ibuprofen - i've taken plenty over my life and never had a problem until the last 6 months. i hadn't even realised or been told by a doctor that it can make asthma worse so i was clueless. i went to see a nurse over a broken toe and she asked why i was slightly wheezing and whether i had taken ibuprofen and had asthma - then some things made sense - so after that i avoided it until i accidentally took an advil and had the worst ""attack"" yet (because it's been basically mild ish but never attack ish) which led to the change in meds. this really came from nowhere..!

has anybody else ended up in such a situation or do most people have it from childhood?

chances of it going away again?

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