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help! Bronchitis treated with anti biotics and prednisolone steroids


]I am on my second lot of anti biotics and have now been given steroids prednisolone 30mg day for 5 days.

My resting heart rate was tested by the dr to be 125bmp.... its got me worried, he said its because my heart has to pump more blood because my lungs are inflammed and not working efficiently. Breathing hurts, I've pulled a muscle from coughing, so now it hurts every time i breath in... dr said to take strong 60mg pain killers for this. Taking my ventolin quite a bit to ease breathlessness. I am only 35.

The cough is easing, but chest still feels clamped. Ive been taking bed rest for 3 days. And have been ill for near on two weeks with this.

Is this normal?

Please do share with me your experiences. I'm scared. How long should it take to go? When will the chest pain stop?

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I am a newbie as well, and, apart from my own experience, I have no special knowledge.

I just wanted to say that you seem to be going through what I recently went through. I had never had Prednisilone before but I was put on 25mg and they made me ill so I had to stop. My Clenil Modulate was upped to 2 x 400 a day and I was suffering a lot mainly at night. I woke every 2 hours gasping and wheezing, I was using my Ventolin a very great deal.

This went on for 4 weeks in total, but eventually things have settled down. At last I now feel normal.

I think maybe the increased Clenil modulate finally kicked in, I will see asthma nursie on Thursday for a chat and review, I suppose I will stay on the increased dose, in fact I hope I will, it seems to work for me, I now hardly use the Ventolin.

So hang on in there, things will get better.



Thank you for replying and sorry to hear you have been suffering too. I have actually had asthma all my life but it usually gets better quicker and I haven't had steroids for years. I seem to remember them working immediately. But maybe now I'm 35 I'm not so strong. Wow 4 weeks!!! I want to go on a motorbike trip in Europe next week... That will have been like 3 weeks ill by then and 2 weeks in bed! So surely I should be better. I hope. I also am very bad at night. I take a night nurse which seems to help.

Was not nice to wake feeling wheezy and I'm out of breath just walking round the house, feel like an old lady. :( Just can't wait to get back to normal. Before this chest infection I was fine and able to do everything!

It's so restricting and I am fed up of being in bed... but each time I go downstairs to stroke the dog or something I get puffed out! How ridiculous is that!

Suppose I should be more patient with my body! It is trying to recover and I should give it the rest it needs.

I am on Pulmicort 400 twice a day, but have upped it to 3 times a day.

How are you now? Was this a while ago? Take your meds properly and you shouldnt wheeze at all with asthma..

It's just when stupid infections come along that it all goes wrong. I forgot it felt this horrible and to feel helpless, like I can't do anything is not nice.

But like I said, I pray for patience. One of the poor little boys at an orphanage in India I helped out in last year drowned in a local river last week... at least I have my life, I should

be quiet and get on with it. Poor little boy. That is getting to me too. Sorry to sound like it's all too much but last week I honestly also got diagnosed with endometriosis...and have been booked in for an operation 3rd September. That will have a bed recovery time of a few weeks. So I guess I'm just eager to get up and about before that gets me down again! But at least it will heal me of all the stomach and girl problems I have been having for years. Lucky I am in a country where this treatment is available to us.

Sorry for going on. God Bless and thanks again for replying. Don't feel so alone now. :)


Hope you feel better very soon. I had pneumonia at the beginning of June triggered my asthma and not been right since despite near constant steroids of 40mg per day (at first 80mg per day) and 5 courses of levofloxacilin and clenil 800mg per day. Been changed to symbicort and finally what10

Weeks on starting to feel better. Hope your road to recovery isn't as long! X


Oh dear so sorry to hear that, that's terrible. So glad you have found an inhaler that is working now.

I had bronchitis 3 years ago which developed into bronchial pneumonia which gave me pleuracy... which was very painful... That is why when this pain on breathing in started I went to the Dr as that was how pleuracy felt, sharp stabbing pain on breathing in, felt like if I breathed in too hard or quick my lungs would literally explode. Work were really horrible over it and kept emailing me asking when I would have my classes' test papers marked! Can you believe?!?!?! I then ended up in such a panic and depressed... there was no get well soon card, nothing.... that I stupidly quit my job! I should have been on paid sick leave and with support from work. Unbelieveable. Did you have any trouble with work?

This time of being ill it is the summer holidays and I have left teaching for good... will be starting my own after school care business for up to 30 children instead so being ill at the moment is not a problem in terms of work. Though I have had to delay my 2 day paediatrics first aid course etc. Worried a little though as I need my heavy passenger vehicle licence and need a medical before I can get the provisional licence... wish me luck. Do you mind if I ask what you do for a job and if asthma has interfered with it much?

Kind regards and thanks for your reply



Sorry to hear your work have been very unsupportive to the point you've made the decision to leave. Thankfully my work (I work in sales for a hotel) could not have been more supportive. They have let me go to the doctor or be late on numerous occasions and have even paid me in full when I was only doing part hours.

Fortunately my manager is a very approachable and supportive one anyway and the hr dept is also very pro staff. Think I have been lucky really as I have sat at work many a time when I was unwell but have continued on so they know unless I'm very sick I wouldn't take time off. This time I have been noticeably ill and so they have been helpful in amending my duties so I can keep working but am not wearing myself out.

Good luck with your new venture and I hope you're well soon x


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