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Asthma Control and Pregnancy Queries

Hi there,

My partner and I are planning on having another baby, to join our now 5 year old.

My concern is that most of the medication I am on isn't really suitable, when pregnant.

My current list of medication:

x1 10 mg Montelukast

x1 120mg Fexofenadine

x4 Fostair + a max of 4 more if needed

Salbutamol when required

Am I due for a review as the Fostair doesn't really work as well as I expect it should.

Has anyone any advice on what to ask for, that is suitable whilst pregnant too, as I would like to try and get things on track before hand so I don't have to start trialing with different things whilst pregnant.

And has any one got any good tips for keeping on top of asthma whilst pregnant.

Thank you in advance


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Did your GP say your medication wasn't suitable for during pregnancy?? Your current meds were all ones I thought were ok, but I might be wrong! Did you speak to the pharmacist??


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