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Long time no speak

Hellooo :-) It's been ages guys! how are we all doing?

I was looking for a few tips, on Saturday I was defibrilated, 2x150v and 2x200v, luckily I was completely out of it for the shocks, but from the moment I woke up I have had horrendous muscle pain all in my ribs, back and stomach. That plus paddle burns on my chest mean I'm really stiff and uncomfortable. I have been prescribed QDS Paracetamol, tramadol and oramorph, but I am pretty keen to avoid using these, especially the oramorph as obviously thats quite a significant painkiller, and makes me really sleepy and I have things to do! My mate suggested getting a massage, as its muscular pain, but does anyone know if it is like 'normal' muscle pain? Is a massage likely to help? Also TENS machines, I feel reluctant to add more electricity into the mix, especially as I guess it is near my heart, which clearly isnt happy at the moment...anyone had any experiences of this?

Also, sorry, bit TMI but how common is it to get a UTI after being catheterised? I peed blood for a day or so, which I guess is unsurpirsing as it is a trauma of sorts, but now I need to pee all the time, its not uncomfortable or anything, I was given abx for just in case, but don't want to take them if that is a normal response to a catheter, or is it more likely to be a UTI? I don't know how open to infection you are!

My veins are so badly destroyed at the moment, lukily for this admission I had an arterial line in pretty much the whole time so much easier to get bloods out, although the flush into an artery feels really surreal. Does anyone else find that veins that have been used for certain drugs (cyclizine, hydrocortisone etc) get to the point that as soon as they are recannulated they get sore? I assume there is not much that can be done about that?

Any thoughts would be really appreciated, im fed up of being stiff and uncomfortable!!! Silly body!

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Hey Soph

Sorry you've not been well.

I can't answer most of the questions, but as a biomedical sciences student, I've learnt a lot about UTIs (even done some urine testing!). Catheters are the main cause of UTIs, Basically, they allow the bacteria to get into your body much more easily than it should because the catheter prevents the bacteria from having to overcome the normal body defenses. The catheter plastic is also a good surface for the bacteria to adhere to, so they can last in your body longer than normal because the mechanisms that remove bacteria which have adhered to cells can't be used.They should be able to culture bacteria from your urine if it is a UTI, which is very likely.

I'm not an expert, but I'd say that a small amount of blood would be normal, but a larger amount could suggest irritation, possibly related to infection. I think you should double check with a nurse/ doctor though.

Hope you start feeling better soon :)


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