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I saw my asthma nurse yesterday and she changed my inhaler to a new one ( At least new to me anyway) called Fostair. It's a combination inhaler - Reliever and steroid. I'm presuming the Reliever is Formoterol fumarate dihydrate and the steroid preventer is Beclometasone dipropionate.

Just really wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with this Inhaler and their thoughts on it's effectiveness.

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  • I have a couple of friends who are on fostair and very well controlled :-) have you ever been on qvar or clenil? The beclometasone is the same steroid in it :-) formetarol is a long acting reliever. Combo is used when you still get symptoms and have to use your reliever a couple of times a week even though you already take a preventer.

    I've never been on fostair, but have heard good things about it :-)

    Good luck!

  • I used to be on Pulmicort (budesonide). But got changed over to Clenil about two months ago. I didn't know it was the same steroid in both... guess I should read the labels more often ;)

    It's good to know that others have had positive results and well controlled on it. I've only been on it a few days so no real noticeable changes or improvement yet.

    I was told it is better to be on a Combo because it makes controlling symptoms easier. Is this true?

    Thank you for the information Laurs :)

  • I was put onto Fostair a few years ago (I may be wrong but I think it was quite new then as the pharmacies never had it). Like you, I was changed from Clenil because I did not have adequate control and was needing my reliever more and more (although I do have quite a complex history of asthma and have been up and down the treatment ladder a few times). I found it improved my symptoms compared to Clenil as it has the extra long acting reliever in it but wasn't on it for long as my asthma soon got worse. Since then I have also been on Symbicort (has the same steroid as Pulmicort) and Seretide (another combination inhaler). Saying that, my sister has been on Fostair for several years and found it was the inhaler that totally improved her asthma control.

    I guess the message is that everyone seems to respond differently to different inhalers and it is a case of getting the right combination for you (after 25 years of asthma I am still constantly trying new things). I hope Fostair works well for you but if it doesn't then go back and perhaps try something else.

    Best wishes

  • I was put on Fostair when I started going to Papworth a couple of years ago. Because I have extremely restricted small airways flow, the consultant changed me from seretide to Fostair. Although it is the same steroid component as other inhalers, the drug particles are smaller which is what I need. Others don't reach my small airways due to the severe restriction. For the same reason, I'm on spiriva respimat, not handihaler. I hope it helps you :)

  • Thank you, KaylaCP and nursefurby :) What you said has been helpful.

    nursefurby, how long did it take before you noticed any change or improvement?

  • Hi, I have been on a trial of fostair for a while now to see if it helps more than symbicort. It has made no difference to me compared to symbicort and after discussions with my dr at the hospital he has advised that I can choose which of these I prefer as they both work in the same way (12 hour long acting release). Im currently sticking with the fostair as I am now on ventolin with spacer so its easier to take two the same with the spacer rather than one turbohaler and one with spacer.

    I have found fostair to be a very strong taste that takes a while to get used to so if you don't get on with it as to go on symbicort. Hope this helps :)

  • Hi,you probably do anyway but rinse your mouth with water after for the aftertaste

  • Hi, I descovered Fostair quite by accident whilst in Spain. I had been on Clenil for about a year and had had to go to hospital for help on one occasion. I had forgotten that I was low in Clenil and visited a pharmacy to see if I could buy some Clenil, fortunatly for me, they had none. Fostair was recommended and I thiught I'd give it a go. WOW!! Suddenly I could breath quite freely, first time in an age! Coming back to UK i visited my asthma nurse and explained, she was marvellous and I have been taking Fostair since. I did hear that Fostair was being taken off the market which has worried me but perhaps the licience has run out with the pharma co. and someone else will produce it. Has anyone any news on that?

  • Hi, I have been on seretide for 5 months it works realy well and I only needed my blue one a couple of times a month!! the only thing for me was the side effects they were unbearable ( muscle cramps, itchy skin, hoarse voice ..... ) you name it I had it now I'm on Fostair since yesterday, I dont know much about it so thanks to all of you for the comments x

  • Patri, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with Fostair as I have just been changed to it too.

  • Fostair has kept me wonderfully controlled for the last 3 years until this month! It is a rare one in that the more you take the more benefit you have from the reliever part of it - it doesn't plateau out like some of the other drugs

  • I know this is an old thread but i found it after googling Fostair - i've just been changed to it as well. I collected the inhaler today but i'll start it tomorrow morning so that it's on a new day.

    The nurse told me to start on 1 puff twice a day and keep track of my symptoms for 2-3 weeks and if i'm still needing my reliever more than 3 times a week then to increase to 2 puffs twice a day and i have to go back and see her again in about 6 weeks. I wasn't clear about one aspect though - i asked her if the 3 times a week included the pre-exercise you're advised to take and she gave me a very woolly answer, something like just see how you're going and you might not need it. How do i know before the exercise whether i'll need it or not?! I run 2-3 times a week and the way running affects me now i can't imagine not needing it before / after

  • I use fostair now find it much better but can you use it more than twice a day I use it morning and evening feel I need it in the middle of day as well

  • forgot to say I use ventolin as well as inhaler with green top Spiriva respimat

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