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asthma team today

Asthma not been good and on 3 inhalers 2 lots of tabs and nebules and antibs and steroids as needed.

Today I've been put on Saline nebules also but Will be in about two weeks when my doctor gets the letter.

Was not told when to use them or how many .

just after bit of info how others use saline nebs along with salbutamol 5mg nebs just a guide out of interest till start mine soon.thanks glynis x

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Because medication is prescribed differently for each person it might be an idea to give the chemist a call or ask for a call off your GP who will put your mind at rest

sorry to be slopy sholdered on this i do use saline nebs but would hate to tell you wrong


hi Lola,

Thanks for your reply.

I guess time Will tell when get them and receive a copy of letter to my doctor x


I agree with Lola, you need to speak to the person who prescribed them, as they can be used in different ways. Some people are prescribed them for use alone (ie to cough up mucous), others are prescribed them to dilute another drug in a nebuliser. And in some people they can make asthmatic's more wheezy, so you need the person who prescribed them to be clear with you about instructions. I used to have saline nebs after a salbutamol neb. The salbutamol opened my airways (and prevented the saline nebs causing additonal wheeziness, whilst the saline helped me to cough up mucous.

Lynda :)


Thankyou nursefurby .

my asthma team putting me on them to help shift mucous in my lungs

as asthma can build up over a day or so but also a big attInack

with no warning with in lungs go really tight and always fill with mucous.

Will have to wait till doctor gets letter from them and instructions.

Just wonderd if were 4 hourly like Salbutamol nebs....x.


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