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last January 2012, i developed a nasty cough. It stayed for two months, sometimes dry, sometimes whith yellow/green sputum.I went to Dr. checked my lungs and prescribed me meptin and ebasthine + betamethasone (co-aleva) for a week. After a week she checked my lungs and said it was clear now. She said nothing if it asthma or not. as the months go by my cough keeps recurring, i've developed some allergy symptoms such as itchiness and sneezing, post nasal drip, nose congestion. I can feel that there's a mucus in my lungs but I can't cough it up.

last December 2013, i developed a productive cough with yellow sputum, after it cleared up then there is this dry cough which continued today. Almost every morning after waking up, i'm coughing my chest vibrates and accompanied with squeaking sound sometimes a whistling sound.And after coughing hard my chest starts to hurt. Sometimes in a day a sudden chest pain would occur for a seconds only. I sometimes feel uncomfortable feeling on my chest that i always have to take breath or yawn or sigh. I don't really have much trouble breathing.

Allergy runs in our family so when i was a in a kid i have recurrent bouts of runny nose with yellow/green mucus which will cause headache and foul smelling breath. At the age of 11 a nasal polyp has been removed on both sides. I was diagnose with sinusitis and hay fever. It was gone for years after the polyp has been removed. And now after that nasty cough it all comes back...huhuhu...

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Heyy there. I faced a similar situation with complications from a cold. Have you tried to up your daily intake of natural anti-inflammatories like vitamin C, garlic, raw organic coconut oil ( a tea spoon a day) and ginger/ tumeric? See if it makes any difference to the cough. Cos it sounds like your body might need a boost to wipe out the underlying continuing inflammation that keeps you coughing. Also using Vics Vapourrub on the soles of your feet, rub it in till it feels hot and put some socks on while you sleep. Might make a difference to shifting that cough. It did for me.


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