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ok, i think thats how you spell it!!

Saw Mr Higgins at the Freemans yesterday, and hes put me on a week at 7.5mg

Has anyone ever had these, im not too keen on the side effects. They say it cant be taken if you have stomach problems..

I was diagnosed on wednesday this week with either Crohns or Ulcerative colitis. I have to have a colonoscopy next week for a final diagnosis..but the asthma man says i can take them, but the gastrointestinal clinic says i cant!!

really dont know what to do for the best. Next step is the thermoplasty !!!

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I don't know if u are aware but methotrexate is a chemotherpy. I know this becuase my mum is on 7.5 mg weekly because she has a auto immune disease called syjrogens. she has to have blood tests every 6 weeks becuase of theses tablets.


thanks for the replies.. ive looked a bit more into these and really dont like the side effects!!

jess, has your mum had any side effects, hair loss, loss of appetite etc?


My sister it on methotraxate for Chrons as she was allergic to aziothprin (sp?) when she started on it needed frequent blood tests. Even though it is a chemo drug its used now more as a immunosuppresent so you dont get the hair lose. My sister found at first she felt sick but that passed.

Chrons is easily managed and can flare allot of asthma drugs will help chrons the steriods especially but there is a drug called pentasa they use frequent (Im assuming that your on steriods so if they helped the chrons they would of already)


thanks for the replies... off to see the dr today about a shared care program so i can start the new meds...

thanks for the info bird, i think i get too wrapped up in the horror stories on t'internet!!!


Good luck sassy and hope the appt went well.

In terms of methotrexate, it is used for several conditions inc inflammatory bowel conditions, arthritis, psoriasis amongst others. I know several people that are managing ok on it. Not all chemo causes hair loss or significant side-effects. The dose is generally lower too than chemo for cancer treatment - it is a similar principle for long term antibiotics.


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