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paracetamol triggering Asthma?

I've had 'proper' asthma for a fairly short time now, about two or three years. When I was younger I had an inhaler but never had an attack until these past two years. It's not very well controlled as I am still a bit bewildered about suddenly not being able to run or walk a great distance any more and I am only 27.

Anyway - Up until about a year ago I could take Aspirin and Ibuprofen, but then all of a sudden I started having attacks whenever I took them, and now I avoid them as advised by the paramedics who ended up taking me to hospital on the two occasions I took either.

Now, recently this has started happening with Paracetamol. Bog-standard-not mixed-with anything-else paracetamol. I have googled it but it seems unheard of. I was quite ill these past couple of days and suffered with joint pain and headaches because there was literally nothing I could take and it was the weekend. I went to the doctor today and she says it's pretty much impossible and didn't seem to believe me, but gave me some codeine. I don't think this is something I can take on a regular basis, or even ask for on a regular basis, especially if my doctor doesn't believe paracetamol gives me asthma attacks.

Is there any way I can get tested, or prove it? Is there a further painkiller alternative?

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I'm.sorry your having such a rough time, I hope u feel a bit better soon!

I can't take paracetamol as it makes me wheeze like crazy and I get a tight chest, but strangely enough I can actually take ibuprofen (goes against every shred of research I know!)

I'm in the fortunate position of being able to take ibuprofen but your gp should be able to give u something and I find That u can get things for sore heads such has 4head stick which minimises the need for painkillers a wee bit.

All thr best

Becca x


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