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Some advice please?

Hi, my son is 4 years old and is taking 2 puffs seretide 50 twice daily and 4mg montelukast. For almost 2 Weeks he's been suffering from a cold, he is needing around 10 puffs of ventolin so that he can sleep because he coughs so much that he is sick, and needing roughly 4 puffs throughout the daytime. I am taking him to the drs tomorrow in the hope they may give him some steroids or something? I was hopeful this winter would be different now he is on seretide instead of clenil, but now he's caught a bad cold he's back to how he was before! What do you do with your children when they are like this?

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My son is almost 3, for the last 6 months whenever he gets a cold or virus he has always been admitted to hospital. Despite now being on 2 puffs seretide 125 in the morning 1 puff at night, Flixonase, Nedocromil and 4mg montelukast it doesnt seem to prevent his asthma becoming severe even if it is just a slight cold. My sons last admission(the 5th in 5 months) was only 8 days ago and was discharged with a 5 day course of pred and 10 days of antibiotics but i still dont feel he is back to normal he still seems quite wheezy to me. We have been told that despite the large amount of medications he is on it may not prevent the hospital admissions when he catches a cold or virus. But it should hopefully mean he doesnt get as ill as he did one time he ended up on IV salbutamol as the nebs werent working for him.

If I am ever worried about my son I will take him to the GP (who usually send me to A&E lol) or straight to A&E if I feel he is bad enough. When my sons asthma is bad he very quickly progresses from wheezing to a silent chest so we tend to usually just rush him straight to A&E if the ventolin is making no difference. It is very difficult to know what to do sometimes one time we took him to the local walk in centre and an ambulance was called and he was rushed to A&E with blue lights. I didnt actually think he was as ill as he was - felt terrible afterwards!

Jenny x


Thanks for your reply, I've never heard of nedrocremil, what does it do? X


I think (from what I understand from his consultant) the Nedocromil inhaler is an anti inflammatory medication to stop inflammation in the lungs or something. I'd never heard of it before he was prescribed it and when I asked on this forum about it no one else seems to have a child on it either.


To be fair on the day to day he's great now but this cold has really got his asthma flared up. Hopefully dr will be able to give us something because we haven't got another consultant appt for 6 months as he was so well last time we went! X


I think def best to go to the doctor so they can listen to his chest make sure no infection. Things must be going well if he's seeing consultant every 6 months I wish Thomas was :(


Went to see the dr and he's got a course of steroids so hopefully he will be back to normal ASAP! He was doing really before that's why they went to 6 months! Will be back sooner if he carries on how he is, hope your little one keeps well x


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