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Hi all

Was diagnosed with severe asthma in July last year at the age of 37 and since then have had 2 hospital admissions, been on steroids almost every month, tried various inhalers, Montelukast and am now on the Symbicort Smart regime but chest has now flared up yet again.

Saw the chest consultant last week who says I need a CT scan and also suggested a nebuliser would be beneficial for me to use at night. I understand I need to purchase this myself and have had a look online but there appears to be many places I could purchase one from but I wanted to ask what happens about the actual 'medicication' to put into the nebuliser -I know I will need to request these from my doctor but how many do you get on one prescription and should I speak to my doctor before purchasing one?

Is there a company that is recommended where I can purchase a nebuliser?

Many thanks.


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Evergreen is the best place to buy from....

The number of nebules you get varies depends on how many the GP wants to give you I get 200 a month but i neb reguallary if just using as a when next less..

As for getting the actual neb machine, I would talk to the resp unit as I know when that most places lend you one at first before buying your own. Please double check this with your chest team as home nebs aren't always the best idea


Hi - thanks so much for your advice.


I second the recommendation about Evergreen. I purchased my first (portaneb) from them a couple of years ago, and since my asthma has worsened, have also just purchased a battery operated nebuliser for taking out and about, which is fantastic. They are a really helpful company.

I got my nebuliser on the advice of the respiratory consultant, and they initially prescribed my nebs, but of course now my GP does. Home nebulisers arent appropriate for everyone, for many reasons - to save you unnecessary expense, please do discuss this with your respiratory consultant/team.

Lynda :)


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