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Asthma Advice??

I don't feel like typing that much, but ever since last year, I've been having really bad asthma. I mean, I never even used to use my preventer, or hardly have to use my ventolin, but now I'm using it at least daily. I was on prednisone for a very short time which did not do much except worsen my GERD/heartburn which is common with me anyway (I've been on prednisone twice but not long term, the last time was months ago, rather low dose of 60mg a day) and I'm currently on singulair long term + a 250/25 Seretide. (2 puffs, twice a day) However, none of this stops the constant wheezing I get. My asthma used to be fine before, but in the past year it's flared up something shocking. I even had a chest X-ray, and everything was fine. I've come to accept that it's probably my own fault for not being vigilant back when I only had the brown inhaler, I forgot what it was called (clenil-something?), but can anyone perhaps give me any tips? I've been meeting with my Dr. every few weeks and we've been trying different things to see what will work, but been at it for months and no luck. Any suggestions?

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Your GP or asthma nurse should be able to do more for you. They should probably be giving you something for the GERD too as it can worsen asthma. If they don't know what to do next then ask for a referal. I hope you get somewhere with this and get better cotrol of you asthma.


Ah, I actually did forget to mention that I take Lansoprazole 30mg daily. Works great aside from the bitter taste of the capsules, but I haven't really ever noticed a change in my asthma, even when I went on a trip and left my lansoprazole at home and my GERD came back, the asthma stayed in its same awful state.

Does anybody also know if it's common to have a constant wheeze? If I take a deep breath and breathe out, I have a wheeze ALL OF THE TIME, not exaggerating. Probably is normal, since my lungs are all full of mucus and etc.


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