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Spiriva Respimat

Hello Folks,

Spiriva Repsimat is usually prescribed for COPD patients and also difficult asthma too.

I have just been given it last week when in hospital to try to help reduce the number of nebs I need a day.

Anyone else here using it please and what are your views, results?

How long did it take before you saw results?

At least the respimat didn't produce bronchospasm which the handi haler did a few years ago.

Many thanks



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I have been on the Spiriva Respimat two puffs daily for asthma rather than COPD for approx the last 18 months I have not noticed any real change in my condition unfortunately still uncontrolled... Having said this I have not responded well to any of the treatments tried so far... I guess I am just awkward :) Hope the Spiriva makes a difference for you.

Personally I find that I find it easier to take the inhaler in this form as the mist is finer and gets deeper into the lungs.


I've had the spiriva respimat for a couple of years. It does make some difference to my asthma control - but because I have other issues (severe restrictive lung disease) the difference it makes is limited.

I hope you get on well with it :)



Hi Kate

I have been using spiriva respimat since July this year for asthma, I had been using atrovent nebs in hospital for 3 weeks and kept crashing every time i tried to come off them.

it kept me stable enough to get home but hasn't made any noticeable difference overall. I do find it makes me very dry and thirsty which could be helpful if you are very productive, but im not generally.

Think I am the same as i was before the emergency admission. will ask for it to be withdrawn at next appointment at Severe brittle Asthma unit and see how i go.

Hope the spiriva works for you and you feel better soon.



Thanks Folks,

I haven't really noticed much difference at the mo. Still shattered from admission. I got home Friday after 10 days in hosp. (6 days on IV ammo) I will give it time and see how I go. If it reduces number of nebs needed that would be good or help me stop my s/c even... I use s/c ventolin on an as and when needed.

Have been quite thirsty and had dry mouth too, prob from O2 etc...




I came off Spiriva respimat in the summer as I was experimenting (with cons approval) to see if meds were actually making things worse. As soon as I stopped taking it my horrible raw throat and gravelly voice disappeared (came straight back when I tried it again for a few days). Also I had been suffering with really bad dry skin (so bad that I would leave a trail of embarrassing snow every time I sat down on our dark brown leather sofa). I had blamed that on the steroids, which I think it is partly, but it improved dramatically when I was off the Spiriva.


Hi Kate,

Been on it a long time now but carnt say its reduced my attacks at all.

On a daily basis I do get some better days but attacks come on fast with no warning can be ok one minute then go


Hello all,

Thank you for your replies.

I am not sure if it is having much effect, but I am going to give it a chance as long as the side effects don't get too much.

I seem to be quite tachy at the mo though that could be the theophylline, nebs and s/c as well.

Also dry mouth etc is getting a bit annoying.



hi Kate,

i use the respimat and put it through my spacer ,as the mist is quite slow and doesnt taste that great i felt it may be better through the spacer.

i too am struggling at the mo so am nebbing quite a bit with both salbutamol and atrovent so have not been using the spireva aswell.

Again not sure if it works, but anything worth a try.

g xx


Hi Kate,

Have you tried the spiriva handihaler? With the capsules as I have these and have no side affects from it and find it a wonder drug x



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