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Anyone taken Ketotifen


Hope you are all keeping well...

I was just wondering, has anyone been prescribed Ketotifen 1mg and taken it twice daily?

I've just started taking it today and for some reason, feel really drowsy and not aware of my surroundings, I am struggling to keep awake and getting really worried about it as I can't seem to cope with staying awake and doing things I need to, in daily life

If anyone can shed some life, I would greatly appreciate it

Take care

Look after yourself



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Hi nimz,

My son takes this (same dose etc) due to food allergies and one of the side effects can be drowsiness.

I will say he got over this in a few days and is no longer affected in this way.



Its one of the older style antihistamin's so it is sediating.

I was on it for ages really helped my allergies.. if it continues speak to consultant and see about reducing the dose to half a tablet before giving up on it


Hi Angelica

thank you for the reply - I been on it for 5 days now and still very drowsy and unaware of surroundings, going to give it till next friday to settle down and see what happens



Hi Bird

thank you for the reply - I have got numerous allergies so hopefully it will help with that, and like I said to Angelica, I will give it some more time and see what happens

cause aside from the drowsiness I would like to continue on Ketotifen.




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