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sentive nose has anyone else?

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hi all my family member smoke and it burns my nose and I start have symptom is that normal they don't care about me

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None of my family or friends smoke, if they did I would hope they would respect my health and feelings. I hope you can make your family aware of how it makes you feel.

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I don’t think that it is because they don’t care. It is more likely that they don’t understand Benjamin.Have you told them that it effects your asthma? What was their response?

I do know how old you are and which family you are talking about.

If it is a partner then try to have a chat. Explain how smoking makes you feel and ask if they would mind stepping outside to have a cigarette.

If it is your parents I would still explain, but instead of asking them to step outside for a smoke ask them what you should do. Hopefully they will come up with the idea of stepping outside or at least into a different room.

In either situation make sure you keep your bedroom door closed all of the time so that you have somewhere to go where the air is cleaner.

An air purifier might be an idea if you can’t come to a solution. I have a Dyson one - very expensive, but worth every penny.

We don’t allow smoking in our house, so anyone who visits goes into the garden for a cigarette. When they come back in the Dyson kicks off as it detects cigarette smoke on their clothes!

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It's getting to point now I want move out it's my dad and brother that does it and my dad got copd and still smoke I told them my bro goes into different room then I feel guilty that he does my dad just smokes away all there passive smokeing what done this to me 😢

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That's tough! It is unlikely to do your father's COPD any good either, but he is likely to have been told that by his health providers. I couldn't't tolerate it, but it is easier for me as my other half is totally supportive anyway. Is there any way you can turn your bedroom into some kind of bedsit so you have somewhere else to sit in the house? Not ideal I realise, but perhaps better for you. I don't tolerate anything much which involves burning or smoking, and have reacted badly even to cooking fumes. so I do know how bad it can be.

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If your dad got copd he shouldnt bee smoking he just making it worse and should have more sense as for your brother he doesn't care for you or your dad the shouldn't be smoking in the house anyhow they should be outside smoking.My cousin used to smoke everytime he came to see me he went outside i didnt ask or tell hjn he just did unti he stopped.

My late father used to smoke and he ended up with hardening of the arteries until one day he say a vascular registrar in past he saw the consultant she told him if you dont stop smoking you'll end up loosing one or both his legs so he stopped so did my mum but if my dad got rushed in she starts to smoke againuntil one day he came home and said you wojldn think ive stopped smoking for few years now you canstill smell the nicotine then my mum had to own up to smoking.

But me ive beenpasive smoker nearly all my life

We don't have garden

And have to go out late at nite from there smoke

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Hi Benjamin I know how frustrating and upsetting it is to have family smoking in the house, particularly when they don’t because it’s illegal to smoke inside public areas.

The Mantra is most likely “it’s my home I’ll do as I like”. People smoked at home from the beginning of time, and can’t see why they have to change.

They are in denial of the damage it causes to u and themselves, cigarette pack photos etc., Uare not alone Benjamin, I had it for years, coughing day and nighttime 2nd hand smoke

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To finish having Asthma and now Bronchiectasis from Coughing my house is NOW more or less Smoke free.

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Do you have your own place if you do you can ask them to smoke outside in your house if they don't like tough luck. Tell them that they are polluting your air and you don't want to get cancer if they want to kill themselves tell them to carry on but not in your house.I was brought up in pubs nearly allmy life and both pardnts smoke mums brother smoke and grandad smoke a pipe plus other members as well. So i got asthma later in life but there is asthma on my dad side. If the don't like it fair enough youve got a right to clean air.

Get no smoking stickers and put them on the front and back door let yhem know that your house is a none smoking area. You can take them to court since the dont care about you.

They are not worth it if the can't respect your decisions. They say you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.

If you have to fall out you fall your health comes first. Good luck

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