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Anybody feel as if they have lump in throat?

This is my first post as I was only diagnosed with Asthma a few months ago and still not entirely accepting it.

I gave up smoking last December and since then have had nothing but trouble with breathing. Had very bad chest infection at New Year and given over strong antibiotics (allergic to) so expected breathing to be rough for a while. Months later diagnosed Asthmatic and given Ventolin and Brown treatment inhaler. Still getting worse (a few times sat up all night as couldn't get breath if lay down - scary) was given Fostair - two puffs morning and evening. No better - told to take Ventolin every two hours, not to wait till symptoms got really bad. Can't stand any pressure at all round chest or stomach. Even went out and bought new bras bigger size. First thing when I get indoors is whip bra off and anything round waist. Only way I can get a little relief is if I stand up and lean slightly forward holding on to the back of a chair but there's only so long you can keep that up!

Don't know if there's any connection to Asthma but keep getting feeling that there's a lump in my throat and it won't go away when I swallow. Also very bad bloating - there can be up to 4 inches difference in my waist measurement over the day - by evening looks like I'm about to give birth to twins tho' not v likely as near 60.

Anyone had the lump in throat feeling? Can you help?

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Me again! Forgot to mention I get terrible acid reflux and am on Omeprazole and have been for a few months. Seems to be helping the acid but if I stop them acid is back. Wondering if breathing trouble and acid are connected as they both seemed to start around same time!


There is a link between acid and breathing problems but the felling of a lump in throat point more to vocal cord dysfunction which minics asthma and acid is the main cause of this


Hi Elilzabeth

You're not having a good time, are you, but it might not be as bad as you think. I also get the feeling of a lump in my throat but it has nothing to do with my asthma, it is because I have a small hiatus hernia. It worried me a lot when it first appeared but once I found out what was causing it, and how to minimise it, I stopped worrying and mostly forget about it.

I found that if I cut as much fat as possible out of my diet I get very few problems, so no cheese, pastry, cake, biscuit, fried food etc. and everything's fine. I still lapse now and then (cheese and pickle sandwich - lovely) but I know that if I do I'm going to feel as if I've got a golf ball stuck in my throat.

You might find that you are suffering unnecessarily, and that a small change in your diet will make your life a whole lot better, so get your GP to check it out for you.


This sounds really odd, but when ever my asthma is bad (which is practically every other day) my neck feels like it's swollen. I've got an underactive thyroid which causes that sort of swelling, so I'm trying to get my GP and Specialists to check if my asthma, and thyroid are effecting each other (which shouldn't really happen). You should get checked for the thyroid thing. Honestly, I got diagnosed with that when I was about 5 years old, because I always felt a lump in my throat and my neck looked swollen. Hope this was helpful.

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Okay, so I have this problem too, but I have pretty bad anxiety as well as a goiter (thyroid issues). When you're having asthma issues on top of that, it tends to make it hard to swollow. Go to water and/or hot herbal tea with honey. The honey will help coat the throat and knowingly or not you might be dehydrated which makes this feel worse sometimes. If it starts getting too bad, go in and have them test the thyroid, and see if you have a goiter. Sometimes those two things can make things way worse.


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