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I have been on seretide for a while and is ok except prone to mouth infections

have had a cough for several months and doctor upped dose from 250 to 500 cough got worse after a couple of weeks

Went to doctor yesterday told fluid on the lung and put on a diorectic tablet, not happy about it but as my daughter pointed out this could lead to pneumonia

Seretide lists one of the side affects as pneumonia

Tempted to switch straight back to lower doseage although doctor fully aware of the one I am on I think

Any suggestions opinions?


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Interesting. I was put on Seretide 6 years ago, asthma improved massively but I then developed a mucus in my throat, which has led to a chronic mucus cough for the last 4 years. I cough up loads of gree phlegm every day. I think there may be a link between Seretide and this condition.


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