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Advice please?

HI there, just wondered if I should see my GP/asthma nurse?

My max peak flow is 570 and I usually hang about the 550 mark

I had reduced to Flixotide 250 1 puff twice a day and montelukast and still had no symptoms through the week

About two months ago, my symptoms returned and my peak flow reduced to 400-450 so I upped my Flixotide back up to 2 puffs twice a day.

Since then, i get symptoms about three times a week and my peak flow is about 390 in the morning and 470 on a night.

When I get the symptoms, its nothing that bad and i only need a couple of puffs of ventolin to get back on track and I only get them three times a week as I said. I just wondered if I should see the GP/nurse?

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Edit to add: Thanks for the reports


I would go to see them, yes - looks like your PF is running at below 80% which is meant to be an indication something is going on, even if you're not getting the symptoms that often. Might need some medication tweaking!


What philomela said also if you are using more ventolin than normal or more than 3 times a week even if you recover after it, it is still a sign that things arent as well controlled as they should be


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