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Constantly ill with infections

I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem, my daughter is constantly getting chest infection, tonsilitus, bronchiolitus, viral infection, conjuntivitus ect and thats just in the last 10 weeks. In the past 10 weeks she has been on 3 course of antibiotics (one of which was a 2 week course) and 1 lot of steroids. This year i say she had antibiotics 6-7 times. I just keep being told its coz she at nursery better to get it over and done with now. I understand when kids go school or nursery they pick up more things but to be ill this much. she has 70 per cent attendance. At moment she is fine for a week then ill again.

For a long time they had got her inhalers right and now she is on the orange one (cant remember the name) her asthma been better, she not having steroids everytime she gets a cold now she just picks up every infection going.

I really dont know what to do, doctors wont look into it.

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Hiya me and both my girls are asmatic , my oldest hasnow grown out of it she is 18, my little one who was 9 on 27th june is exactly like your little one , school are having a right go at me about her attendance she is currently 84% , but you have to take the view that its what theyve got and its there health that counts not attendance figures for school, onec the doc has sorted out what inhalers she should be on it will settle down, I always found a steamer in there room at night really helps with any coughing .

the problem is once they have been on the seroids and antibiotics there immune system is lowered so they pick up everything going and unfortuantly schools dont seem to understand how awfull you can feel if your chest is bad, hope ypu have some luck soon hun all the best Angie G xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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