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How long does Prednisolone take to work?

My son (aged 8) is on a course of Azithromycin antibiotics and a 3 day course of Prednisolone tablets (6 tablets each day).

In your experience, how long does it take for you to notice an improvement in your symptoms after taking Prednisolone?

It always seems to take over 24 hours to see an improvement in my DS cough (which is his main symptom). Is this normal?

We are only prescribed Prednisolone as a last resort if his cough is really bad (e.g. unable to speak due to couging, vomiting from coughing). So it seems a bit crap that we have to manage for another full day with him being very ill before we see any improvement.

Reliever salbutamol inhaler does not help him (something that the paedeatrician is investigating). So the only relief we get during the first 24 hours is when DS vomits; as a lot of phelgm comes up and his cough calms down for a little while.

Any input would be appreciated.



ps We are on day 3 of tablets now, and his cough has completely dissapeaared

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I find it takes a full 24 hours for pred to start working but the relief of it starting working is worth the wait. I also find then each day it improves more and more. For me when nothing else is working I feel it is quite quick.


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