In additional to my reply in the costa thread, i would like to ask for some advice:

Ok, this all started on Monday when I was with my friend, I'd been running round and playing about at the park, i was fine then i came home (where i live with one light smoker and what sometimes seems like a chain-smoker). At around 7, i felt a little short of breath and tight, i took my inhaler and waited for it to take effect, it didnt. I tried the one puff for 5 mins and had no effect there, by then i was getting a bit sleepy and i think i passed out because when i woke up around 8, i was convinced that it was only 7. My boyfriend hurt himself and I had to run around after him which probably didnt help things, but i went to bed and had a terrible night.

The next morning i still didnt feel too good and my chest felt tight and sore. I walked half-way to the bus stop to collage and felt like i was gong to black out. I headed home, only to have to help my boyfriend to a job interview. My PF that morning had been 250 l/min. I was feeling low.

We got home after the interview and mike had to get his knee checked out. By this time, Mike and his mom Shirley were both worried about me, (ok i was slumped in the chair puffing and trying to focus) so they pusuaded me to go and get checked when mike went to get checked.

We got to the hospital and in my innitial assessment, the nurse looked very worried about me as my breathing was still very fast, my fingernails were purple and i was exhausted, being asthmatic herself, she identified what was ging on and took me to a cubicle near the nurses station and gave me oxygen and left me till the doctor came. I dont know how long i'd been on the oxygen but the doctor came in and looked at me, gave me nebs and said i had ""cramps"" in my right lung so i had to have an x-ray which confirmed this. I've been given antibiotics and told that i need to go to my GP (which i am going to after collage) and ask to be stepped up to step 4 and ask for a consultant refferal.

but in the meanwhile, i feel awful in myself, has anyone got any ideas on what i can do to cheer up, (the only thing keeping me going at the moment is the promise of a PSP and Transformers UMD at the end of the week, lol!)

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  • Hi Wendy

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, it sounds awful. What are cramps in the lung? Never heard of that before. Well good luck at your appointment and remember to take it easy! Get lots of rest and just rekax. Hope you are feeling better soon! Hope your boyfriends knee is ok too!

    XX Brynne

  • (((((((((wendy))))))))))))

    sorry your feeling so bad, can't be much fun for you. I don't really know what to say to help cheer u up, perhaps a bit of pampering? I hear choccy can help <wink, wink>

    take care, hope your feeling brighter soon


  • thanks christine and byranne, doing a little better after my spending spree today, but still a bit lousy and achey, but tht could be the infection, which wasnt really explained well to me at all, been taken off the serevent and put on oxis but its not seeming to be any better but maybe it needs more time to get to work. will get there eventually. but the good new is i got the consultant refferal so i should hear back soon.

    love to all


  • You can get cramp of the muscles in the chest wall, I know cos I have had them and feels weird. I have never had anyone say they can see it on X-ray though, you can see it just like you can see muscles cramping in feet.


  • dunno thats what the doc sed, ive been put on ammoxycillin for it, it was either cramps or crabs

  • Hi there. Hope you are feeling better. The doc may have said you have 'creps' in your lungs. This was probably after listenning to your chest. Creps are 'crackles' or other such noises as air passes through infected spaces in the lungs. Also when these areas are x-rayed they are usually congested so show up as white ish areas.

    Of course the doc could have said cramps but I have no idea what was meant by that :-)

  • cheers footpad, i have one more antiboitic tab to take now, was in Primary Care Y'day (had serveral attacks and was not nebbed (despite gasping but not wheezy, but not everyone wheezes) and given pred which has yet to work as i've had 4-5 smaller ones today and am in a right state, shivvering despite being in a dressing gown, my PJs and under a 13 tog duvet (mike sed my temp is sky high but we have no thermometerso it was just from feel). gonna try a day at collage and if this is still going on, its back to a an e so i can get looked at as this cannot go on.

    thanks everyone for your support and i hate to be a gigantic pain in the rear, you are all great people and have made it so much easier to get to terms with things as for my age ive been told by my doctor that i'm extreemly independant and its a shame to go down like this. but you gusy have all been great to me in particular, justy, bex, disco-dolly, footpad, moose1, peaksteve, brynne and rusty.

    *much love to all of AUK*


  • ((((((wendy)))))))) sorry you're having such a rough time, i would say stuff college and get yourself to dr's or A+E!

    take care!


  • i agree with christine.. get yourself some help hon, you're not in a good state.


  • cheers justy and christine, went in to collage today, that was a VERY bad idea, gonna call up the drs or if i cant get in then i'm gonna go down to a and e and get this checked out as its not fun. will keep you all updated as soon as i know something

    *love lots*

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