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need to let off steam

well saw con on mon and he was as much use as a chocolate teapot basically couldn't blow 1 litre on spiro tho have got chest infection and all technitions cud say was can't u do better than that u have b4 or an 80 yr old can do better than that. con just said no wheeze carry on with inhalers and reducing pred and go bk in 1/12 he also wanted to know if was managing to wrk so told him i was tho wrk wud disagree sometimes. managewr told me on tues that i only manage to wrk somedays causae drag myself in and get on with it not cause am fit to wrk. am now fed up of not having a life. went to visit disco dolly in costa today and parked in cAr park about 400m away and walked to ward was only there about 1/2 hr b4 heading bk to car and woman following me kept asking if was ok cause of struggle it was to walk bk that short distance i kept telling her i was but she just kept asking as she said i didn't look ok. sorry for rant but if can't walk short distances with no bags life comes to standstill especially with me using a full ventolin every week at mo including waking in night. what do i do tho con don't seem to take me serious cause get up in the morning and go to wrk. its part of routine. up, work,home,bed. i know most ohers are worse off than me but am just feeling tad restricted at mo and very fed up.

katharine x

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would it be worth going back to your GP? If not and you are struggling constantly then maybe a trip to A+E amy be worth considering.

The fact that you have had such naff spiro, have an infec and are using so much vebtolin all point to poor control and i feel your cons is mad saying carry on with reduction.

Please take care and have a few days off work ro try and recover a bit.


i no exactly how u feel, as far as feeling rough except i dont have an infection(yet!) but my spiro tests are rubbish, and nit sure what it was the result but nurse cud clearly see that i was struggiling to do the test taking ages to try and breath again - dint happen lol! they have been reducing my pred as well form 30mg and i am now on 20/15/20/15 and cant go any lowe, pf between 200-150 and feel awful wheezy etc, atm i am waiting for a referal to rbh, so not seeing cons at mo seein cons asthma nurse (i think!), but reducung the pred doesnt seem to be a good idea and maybe its becasue of the infection etc or maybe its because of the way you are reducing them i take 15/20 on alternate days as dropping a whole 5 mg just didnt work!! again i think maybe talking to GP or even A+E if u feel that bad is a good idea! i no its not nice and totally sympathise with u and hope u improve soon and get sorted!!

katie xxxx


do you have a centre of excellence nearby you? a referral to one of these may well be your answer if your asthma is not a standard type then only one of these centres like RBH will be able to sort you. As i found out and several others have after being there asthma wasnt there main problem it was another respiratory disease or as in my casr acid reflux apparently. Not all respiratory cons specialise in asthma many of them only have basic asthma trainig and not able to deal with difficult astham patients. You could be having inappropriate treatments and treatmenst such as pred that can have long term health problems.

I hope you get some answers soon, my heart goes out to you!


thought that after my last planned hospital stay con wqas reffering me to wythenshaw cause he says am difficult!he he but forgot to ask on monday cause was so flabbergasted that was being told to just carry on. feel fraud going to a and e unless am really struggling lke the 2 x i have been sentances have been beyond me. maybe will ring and leave message for asthma nurse at costa as he usually pretty good and at least has a sense of humour. i do know that con doesn't specilise in asthma just general chest medicine.


Kath big hugs xxxxxx

Please go to a nad e if you need it, never feel a fraud, they have never turned you away withoput treatment before have they, so that shows you need it. i know its hard because of bad experiences in the past but you have to try and block them out of your mind and think about how you are now?

Please if not the hosp or asthma nurse go see GP and get refferred to Dr Angus, prof Davies is not asthma specialist and when there supposed be a centre of excellence and have a few good Drs that are asthma specialist i cant believe that kept you under him and not passed you to someone else. Dont worry about upsetting him he wont even remember you once your out the door believe me ive worked for him!!!!! so please get to see someone else before asthma so out of control cant pull it back? and maybe take managers advice and go off sick till stabilised.

love Andrea xxxx


*big hugs for Kath*

sounds like your having a time of it lately, but was your consultant aware that not every asthmatic wheezes every hour of everyday ( i had the same prob in feb but was discharged )

How was Disco Dolly? Hope shes ok.

But if you are struggling please hun, get help, and if you need to chat just PM me :)


thankls for all support rang and left message for asthma nurse this am. know am fed up when read messages of support and want to cry. thanks again


Katherine - huge hug for you. Have you got things sorted at all? Please keep us posted. I so hope you're not going down hill. ""All that wheezes is not asthma, and not all asthma wheezes"". Best of luck 'n' don't give up trying to get yourself sorted.



no no further.daft now cause bottom drops out of pf at slightest thing especially as day goes on and i tring to reduce pred. if only could sort me out like sort kids and parents probs in wrk. on plus side have got to move bases soon in wrk and will be on the level. yeah! won't miss steps at all as have to stop half way up at mo. just need bto find a space in diary to actually move easier said than done for me. LOL


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