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sinus infection loss off balance

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hello , slightly off subject but apparently linked to asthma 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve got bad sinus problems, my head and face ache but worse I can’t walk around as my balance is all over the place , I’m dizzy etc ,

I can’t get doctors to appreciate how bad it is and keep getting blown off , take painkillers, nasal spray and antihistamine ………nothing is helping so has anyone out there got any ideas please

I don’t want to spend my entire life laid on the sofa or bed x

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Hazel, you have my sympathy. I couldn't understand why I developed vertigo years ago, but it's not uncommon in asthmatics who have a sensitivity to aspirin and NSAIDs as they are prone to nasal polyps and nasal inflammation and overtime that can also affect the eustachian tube and ear health. I now have tinnitus as well as regular bouts of vertigo as a result.

Even if this is a one off sinus infection, the ear has been affected by the sound of it. My GP prescribed something generic for the vertigo symptoms but I didn't enjoy any relief. I discovered, by accident, that motion sickness tablets worked for me. I use Dimenhydrinate 50mg. They do make me drowsy but I feel so much better after a dose and a sleep.

If you're experiencing long term sinus problems then consider that you may have an aspirin sensitivity (AERD, aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease). Not uncommon in asthmatics but no screening available. It usually takes years to get a diagnosis and then treatment. More information:

A few dietary changes and dry powder inhalers instead of aerosol ones helped me enormously.

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Hazel1010 in reply to Poobah

Hello l thanks for your reply 😊 I’m at the doctors yet again tomorrow so I’ll be asking lots of questions 👍

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nomoreibsc in reply to Poobah

Thank you for this. Very helpful. Been suffering myself and didn't realize there was a link to this and asthma.

Hi, sorry you’re feeling so bad, so sending sympathy from a fellow sufferer. When I get sinusitis I get the dizziness too and awful pressure in my face,ears and back of head too strangely!

I use a twice a day nasal rinse, Avamys nasal spray and antihistamine. I find if I drink loads of water it does helps, as does using a steam inhaler cup. Having said this, steam can be a trigger for some asthmatics and does trigger mine occasionally 😬 so maybe not try this.

Usually just have to wait for it to improve though. Hope you feel better soon 🤗

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Hazel1010 in reply to Celie1

Thank you x I’m not to sure about the nasal wash as I can actually breath properly 🤷🏻‍♀️I do take the antihistamines and use steroid nasal spray…… I can feel all the muck in my head moving , have raging headaches, dizziness that knocks me off my feet and every now and then go boiling hot and start sweating…’s so ladylike 😳 but the doctors seem to think I’m imagining it that’s the annoying thing

It may be worth trying the Neil Med nasal wash even if you feel able to breathe okay. Respiritory physiotherapist explained to me that it gets into the tiny sinuses too.

Morning, sorry to pick your brain 😊 can I ask you how you use the wash , is it a type of spray as I have a vision of me under water 💦

No it’s not a spray. It’s a bottle and you mix the solution with cooled boiled water. You’re not underwater. It’s one nostril at a time and it goes in one nostril with your head bent forward over a basin. You are in full control. It’s available on Amazon or at pharmacies. I felt the same way as you but nothing was helping so I bit the bullet and though I had to use it several times over a period of days /weeks I’m so glad I did because it eventually worked it’s way into my sinuses and cleared them. The effect lasted a long time ! I have a stand by one in case I need it again and tbh I wouldn’t hesitate. You are in control the whole time. Also, just to say that the spray products were not able to reach the tiny sinuses that were causing the problem. I was expecting lots of awful mucus to come out but it wasn’t like that but it has changed my breathing for the better. Hope you find something that helps.

Brilliant, thank you x

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Celie1 in reply to Hazel1010

Hi Have you asked for a referral, it sounds pretty bad?

The nasal wash, Neilmed, was recommended by my consultant years ago and I’ve been using it ever since.

It comes with a clear plastic bottle which has a top with a hole in it, plus some sachets of salts. You fill the bottle with warm water (previously boiled, not out of the tap - very important!) Then you add a sachet to it.

(All the instructions come with it)

You rinse your nose by bending over the basin and place the bottle against your nostril. Then gently press the bottle sides so the solution goes up one nostril and down the other. Then you repeat on the other side. It only takes a couple of minutes to do and it’s just part of my morning and bedtime routine.

It’s worth a try, it might help.

There is another product which is called Sterimist I think. This one you just spray from a can into your nostrils . Personally I don’t find that one as good as it doesn’t really gets to the part it needs to.

Hope you start to improve soon 🤞

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Hazel1010 in reply to Celie1

Thank you , I’ll give anything ago 👍


Hi sorry to hear . I have suffered constant dizziness since covid 4 months ago all the pills I'm now on with asthma. Found if you put cotton wool in both ears can help even it out abit.

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Hazel1010 in reply to Jolu29

Hello I might give that a try👍👍

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