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Any Advice Please on Portable Nebulisers

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the forum and I wondered if you could give me some advice on the best portable nebuliser.

One of the more popular ones seems to be the Omron U22 MicroAir.

In terms of size, price and portability, it does seem ideal, however, after reading the manual, it seems very difficult to clean and quite expensive on consumables ie replacement mesh cap.

In the manual it states that you must thoroughly dismantle and clean each part in warm soapy water after each inhalation and disinfect the unit daily. In reality, I wonder if there is anyone out there who uses one and if so is that strictly true (unfortunately, I have to neb at least 4 times a day).

There is also another nebuliser I was considering, the Freeway elite by Respironics.

Again, not a bad price, perhaps not as compact, however, it seems to do all the things that the Omron U22 does and somehow seems more robust.

If anyone has any information, advice or experience of using either of the above or knows of another similar portable nebuliser, I'd really appreciate hearing from you.

Many thanks,


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hellooo Weeblossom!

I have the Omron along with a few others here! The instructions are very OTT regards cleaning. the whole point of a portable neb is its ease of use out in the field as I put it! I have had mine for over 3 years now and when out & about I just neb through a bit of sterile water to clean the salt residue off the mesh after each neb (occasionally I haven't done it in an emergency and neb was fine) A quick wipe with a tissue removes excess liquid but don't poke the mesh!

Boiling the mesh - OK as long as you watch it and don't let it boil dry - I mangled 2 meshes in one pan last year! LOL!

It is useful to have a spare mesh if you are going somewhere remote though - evergreens do them for just over £30 or so. This is the only costs I have expended on the machine apart from a service.

You can clean the mesh 2 other ways - emerse it in some warm water with a sterident tab! (Tescos value ones are the best! ) or you can clean it with water & distilled vinegar too!

If the electric points get a bit dodgy clean them with a bit of alcohol or a steret.

Mine has been fantastic and I took it to the falklands with the spare mesh and had no problems.

I do know some peeps who get away with less cleaning and it works fine.

Respironics - I have their Freeway Freedom neb machine as a work horse and when going away (with car) It is a very good machine and have had a few of them over the years. The elite is the new model so not too up on that one. They are more heavy than the omron but you can neb anything through it as it is a compressor - it is noisey too not like the silent omron.

I am sure others will chip a bit in here too!

Take care



hi, I have had a omron U22 microair for about 2 years now. I only fully dismantle it once a week to give it a thorough clean, in fact that is the only cleaning that I do for it. Haven't had to replace the mesh yet either, don't know whether this is sheer luck though! I neb 4 -5 times a day with mine.rusty


I acn recomend the omron - had it just over a year and it's worked quite hard on and off, very easy to put together, nice big chamber so can fit saline & salbutamol if you need it

cleaning doesn't take long and on bad days I have to admit not always cleaning it!

do look after it though its so easy to carry around - worth every penny

Why don't we do an advert for it? - to be fair I got mine following advice from here and never regretted it.




I have a Pari Uni Light nebuliser. I its a great piece of kit and really worth the price. I think its more expensive than the Omron and a bit bulkier but I would not swap it. The battery life on it is amazing, I charge it about every month or so and thats all it needs or use it off cigarette lighter in the car if I have to. As for cleaning its just like cleaning a normal nebuliser piece, very easy. When I bought mine I was stuck as to whether to get the freeway, Pari uni light or the Omron. I looked at all 3 and the freeway was to heavy and bulky, the Omron reminded me to much of my previous very crappy ultra sonic (I know its not quite ultra sonic but still) portable neb ( and no offence Omron users :-P) and the Pari was just right for me, not to big, not bulky, good battery life. They're a good price on bear street pharmacy but I got mine for evergreen, they came out to me, showed me all 3 models and I bought it straight away. Pari do have new models out now that are similar just lighter and quieter

Tks xxxxx


Re: Any Advice Please on Portable Nebulisers

Hello again Everyone,

Hope you're all as well as can be, especially fellow hayfever sufferers like myself.

Thanks for all your comments and advice and especially all the tips you shared with us, Kate :=).

After much humming and hawwing, I've decided to go with the Omron U22 MicroAir.

it was a really tough and close choice and I'm grateful that you were all out there to help me make it!

Speak to you all really soon.

Warmest wishes,



weeblossom you wont be disappointed, mines my bestfriend and life saviour!

happy silent nebbing

Andrea xxx


Blossom, glad to be of help!

Happy Nebbing!



PS Just ordered a spare mesh for mine as it is getting into the field work season... my speciallity is nebbing in remote places!


I impressed numerous nurses and Drs with my U22 during my last stay , i tend to use it when in especially at night then i dont wake up others in my bay!! Did use it a few times during the day too as have the mains converter (to save on batteries)

I was mine with warm soapy water once a week and just wipe dry after each use!

At home i have a regular portaneb but again use the U22 at night so i dont wake up the rest of the house!! ITS FAB!!!!

(makes mental note must get spare mesh for hols!!)


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