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Hello all. Thought I should introduce myself. I have been recently told that I have Asthma. I had what I thought was flu, but turned out to be Bronchitis. I had breathing difficulties which was why I went to see my GP. At the time I saw the GP I was struggling and she did my peak flow. Put me on the nebuliser which helped immensely. Ininitally they thought that the Bronchitis has just knocked me off my feet. But following an assessment of my peak flow they have decided that I have Asthma. Currently on a 2 week course of Prednisolone. Got the Salamol inhaler. Current peak flow between 150 and 220.

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Welcome to the site Kn1ghtleigh. Hope you find the information and support you need here. Keep reading and ask as many questions as you like!




Hi kn1ghtleigh

Hope you are feeling better and the pred is helping, I was first diagnosed at 16 and and I take seretide, singulair, atrovent, ventolin, I've never had bronchitis but I get alot of chest infections. If you have any questions feel free to ask or pm me.



Hello and welcome - I'm new too.

At least now you've got a diagnosis, they can treat you properly, and you'll start to feel better too. *sends good wishes*



Just wanted to say thank you for the welcome. I finally was allowed back at work this work. After one shift I am coughing like I was with the Bronchitis and back to square one really. Peak flow has gone down to what it was. Although must say I feel better in myself.



im new to site aswell my doctor mentioned about it to me..hope ur all feeling mo doctors still trying to get my asthma under control..miss doing regular exercise but im hopeful it will sort itself out..its nice and reasurring that there are pl out there who can help etcetc best wishes to every 1 xx Jackie..



Welcome to the forum!! When asthma is first diagnosed it can be very scary, but there are 1000's of us out there going through the same thing.... Make sure you make good use of your local asthma nurse ( ask at your surgery) as I found mine brilliant and if you have a question this is a great place to get some advice and compare notes!!

Good luck and hope your feeling better soon!!


Hello and welcome to the site! I have only been a member a couple of weeks too, and I have found the information on here very useful!


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