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I think my asthma's getting worse the last few years...has anyone else had this happen?

Hi guys,

So I've always had to take pred. 3-4 times a year, but a few years ago a lung specialist tried to take me off my inhalers because my breathing test were O.K. (I think because I was on the inhalers). That Fall I had a flare that lasted from Sep 1-Dec. 1 with steroid inhalers, nebs, and two rounds of about a months worth of oral steroids. That year I took oral steorids five times. Then last Fall I was on high dose inhalers when Fall came...and was flaring again from Sep (or August really) through mid. Oct.

Now this year I just realized it's Oct. 15th. on Fri! And I've been on high dose inhalers since June and had two bursts of oral steroids.

Which leads me to think....can asthma get worse? Because I'm taking my allergy and asthma meds. It just seems so incontrolled sometimes. The last three weeks I've been on high inhaled steroids with a LABA and sigulair. My doctor told me to take xopenex (my rescue inhaler) with a spacer every time. I already do most times. Kind of aqward at work if you know what I mean. But I've been taking xopenex a lot the last three weeks, I also have a sinus infection though.

It seems to be working...but normally if I was taking my rescue more than twice a week my doctors would be concerned. But since it's working....but it still seems like a lot of meds to me. I just started a second round of antibiotics for the sinus infections too.


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Hi Bee,

At this time of the year the Fungal Spores in the air make my asthma a lot worse, and I wish that I could hibernate like Yogi Bear :oD

I live in the UK where we have a website run by Zirtek which gives a daily pollen forecast, and you will probably find that there are similar sites in the US. Today's forecast here in Scotland for fungal spores is rated at medium, which means that I won't be able to go outside my house (yet again), and as it also makes my catarrh worse sleep will be out of the question.

So don't worry, as sadly there are many more like us and you're not alone!

Take care,




Yeah i know you feel, i think my asthma was always bad a kid but cant really remember but i do remember always on tablets and having chest infections, then it got better for a while which is wierd. they always tell you that as a kid you will grow out of it which is a load of rubbish as i have it since 2 weeks old and am now 18 and still have it, so doctors always tell people a load of lies.

but i have found that in the last year my asthma has been getting worse where i struggle often and have pain in chest and nothing has been done about it, last couple of months has been bad, went to see doctor and all she did was put higher dosage on seretide but still struggling and that wont help, and all meds are still the same, so hoping asthma nurse on tuesday will be moe helpful and change my meds or add some and sort out physio i was meant to have, was wondering with nebuliser would work


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