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Trying alternative medicine for allergies (or do your allergy meds help enough?)

Hi everyone,

I know I've been gone for a bit. If you remember I had surgery as it turned out my esophagus was compressed, and I kept aspirating and getting pneumonia. So the good news is that after getting a post op pneumonia is February, I've been very healthy ever since!

I still take singulair, and some allergy meds, and I've used my xopenex (levabuterol) during a few weeks where I've had a cough, but other than some very mild asthma, I'm very pleased.

It is coming up on my major Fall allergy season though, and I've been having a bit more trouble. I've been using my rescue inhaler a bit (but like I said it's hardly nothing compared to before), and my sinuses are acting up.

So I'm on sigulair, zyrtec and phenergan (both antihistamines). I'm in the U.S. and I know over there you tend to use generic names. Anyways, I've been trying acupuncture and Chinese herbs lately which seems to help some with the allergies where the antihistamines have failed.

But it got me to thinking....oh, I also take a steroid nasal spray and eye you find your allergy medications work? Or are strong enough? Is there anything extra you do during your allergy season?



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For another non-drug home remedy try yoga wirh alternate nostril breathing (anb). The nostrils are closed in turn with a finger, which opens up the lung airways by a nose-lung reflex. Just this reflex can be worked by a sharp loud sniff. See Internet demo "Strelnikova reduce asthma" with father and very young daughter. All the best. R. Friedel


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