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Itchy throat

Hi everyone

Hope your all ok, was just wondering if anyone gets itchy throats? cause mine seems to be constantly itchy even though brush my teeth after using my inhalers, the doc thinks it might be something to do with hayfever but I'm not allergic to pollen! anyone have any ideas?

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My son gets really itchy throat when his breathing bad/chest tight.



I was told to drink a glass of water after inhaling. If I don t my throat feels itchy


Hiya . My daughter gets a really itchy /throat neck when she is wheezy and tight . Nikki xx


I must be a weirdo, I don't get an itchy throad at all?!?

If it helps, I am taking Seretide 125 x 2 puffs morning and night and salbutamol as and when.

Although, following being diagnosed, I do have an alergic reaction to pet hair - go figure!!!

This also bugs me, never used to be alergic. It's really frustrating as we have a cat and the parents -in-law to be have a dog. The cat isn't a problem unless I stroke her and then either touch my eyes (rub them) or I scratch my neck - big rash.

The dog is a problem, brings me out in a nettle sting like rash if I touch her. I did suffer with hayfever which fortunately I am growing out of. However, I find that I am ok with the dog (no sneezing runny nose etc etc) if I take the hayfever drugs. Although this does not stop the rash.

Sorry for going off on a major tangent! :)


I find i only get itchy throats during an allergic reaction triggered attack, they are sometimes a pre-cursor to lungs splatting.

never had them med related or during splatting due to infection or other causes. Have you had allergy tests to confirm no allergy to either tree or grass pollen?


I do, I get a really bad itchy throat in the summer, I have to itch it by moving air to the back of my pallet. I also end up itching the outside of my neck but to no avail. It can be excruciating. I think it is pollen related. I get really back prickly heat if I get sunburnt which I hear is related to hay fever. Antihistamines help with the itching of both the throat and the prickly heat.

I think everyone who has a pollen allergy has different symptons. For me it is my eyes, throat, airways, and worst of all my nose. I can pretty much forget about breathing through my nose from June to August. Rest of the year I am fine as long as I don't come into contact with freshly cut grass, cats or dogs.

The itchy throat is usually an early warning that I am going to get an allergic reaction.


I had allergy tests done two years ago and they were all negative, the consultant just told me I'm sensitive to the common asthma triggers but not actually allergic but I do have skin allergies which are eczema related such as washing powder, most skin products, makeup etc but i have no idea why my throat is so itchy. Sometimes it's so bad that it wakes me up in the morning or I can't sleep! Maybe it is just a sign that my asthma is flaring up cause I had an attack on sat night and my throat started to get itchy on friday!


when i get an itchy throst that is a sign that my asthma will get worse and and ita ALWAYS does, it's quite good as an early warning system excepet its dosent appen that often (shame!)

inregards to your itchy throat ever considered oral thrush , i know you brush your teeth but still ....???

also maybe some of your triggers like perfume may irritate your airwyas casusing your throat to itch... my airwyas are hyper sensitive and that can happen sometimes if people spray stuff round me !!

katie xx


hi lejaya

I can't help with the itchy throat thing, as I have never had it, but I was going to say that after taking a steroid inhaler, the best thing to do is to drink water, rather than brushing your teeth. If your itchy throat is connected with oral thrush, then this will help. Swill the water all around your mouth for a good while, and then swallow it. It is recommended that you do this about three times. Using a spacer will give you additional protection against oral thrush, as will using corsodyl (Chlorhexidine) mouthwash. I do all three - use a spacer, rinse my mouth thoroughly with water, and I use corsodyl mouthwash twice a day. Brushing your teeth after taking your inhaler will keep your teeth pretty clean (and your dentist pleased), but essentially, you have to get the particles from the steroid inhaler off the back of your throat, not your teeth.

I'm sorry if that sounded like a bit of a lecture, but I have always been a right stickler for anti oral thrush measures!!!

Hope you get to the bottom of the itchy throat thing (if it was oral thrush, you would have noticed white stuff on your tongue and at the back of your throat).

Sorry I can't be of more help.






Whenever I get an itchy throat it is an indication that my asthma is going to be playing up within four to five days. My doctor didn't believe me until i went to him with the itchy throat and then five days later had to call him out because i was having such a bad asthma attack. Needless to say he believes me now.

I do tend to increase my ventolin when it gets itchy though, but this winter it hasn't helped me at all



Hi Maz

thanks for the tip! I'm also very strict when it comes to oral hygeine and I brush my teeth 3 times a day I use 2 toothbrushes and also floss! I don't think I have oral thrush coz I don't have a white tounge and my ithcy thoat seems to come and go but when It's itchy it drives me mad! But the starange thing is that oral antihistamines seem to help ( I take them for my skin) which is really strange, but I heard that some people have delayed reactions to triggers so maybe thats why my tests were negative but who knows!!!!!

Hi fran

welcome to the boards, I'm also quite new! and I might try the ventolin thing when my throat starts to itch again which will probably be soon! how long have you had asthma for?


Hi Lejaya

I suffer from internal itching centrally in my upper lungs. This is usually a warning that I've come into contact with an asthma trigger and to hit the ventolin fast!! What I find really annoying is my gp's slightly bemused expression when I tell him this. Its interesting that this symptom because its not 'common' was the cause of me not being diagnosed as a child. (I'm 32 now ) Cold weather one of my major triggers was also not recognised then, I still remember my gp telling my mother that cold weather does not triiger asthma.....!!! maybe in another 20 years they'll know that internal itching is a bona -fida reaction and stop treating it as ''all in the head"".


ooo! I get itchy lungs too just before an attack! Its horrible, I want to take them out and scratch them. I described it to someone else who has asthma and they thought it was a good description.


Hi Beth and Lou

I know exactly what you mean about the internal itching it drives me mad and I'm always scratching the outside of my throat and chest thinking it will help! or i use my tounge to sctarch my throat and then it ends up hurting!


I get that and the lung itch i hate it, i usually get it before a flareup, feels like your whole inside of your back and chest is itchy and for me it get's worse as i cough.


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