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Broken tooth and dodgy lungs

Not having the best of luck at the moment i broke my tooth this evening while eatting dinner. Ouch! I think i should make an appointment tomorrow at the dentists. But i have only just got out of hospital and still have pneumonia. Even when my lungs are at their best going to the dentist is difficult. But at the moment they are not great. My tooth is quite sore so i dont really want to wait til my lungs have recovered. But i dont want to end up back in hospital. Has anybody had any dental work done while their lungs have been abit dodgy?

Sorry about all the moans!!


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Sorry I can't help as I'm putting off going to mine until my lungs are better. I had to call the practice and tell them as I don't want to lose my NHS dentist.



tooth abscess plus extraction

yes i have been there!! I broke part of a tooth that had to have a few fillings. I went to Dentist as I was in a lot of pain, he gave me two choices, a root canal filling, or extraction. I went for the extraction, which was difficult as the root was forked, but i didnt mind as i was in so much pain.

The asthma did flare up, went back to dentist i had a dry socked infection so he put me on strong antibiotics i improved gradually and had to take plenty of rest.

I had also arranged to meet my daughters in laws for the first time which had been arranged for months, I was not able to meet them as i felt too ill (needless to say I was'nt too popular) but you have to take care of yourself in situations like this.

Hope this helps



Why not have a word with your dentist, or make an appointment and explain the situation. It might just need a bit of smoothing or if more is needed he/she can adsvise what can be done there and then, and what needs to be done later.I find my dentist is very understanding about my asthma.


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