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Hi all I am using my nebulizer alot lately ive been to see one of the asthma consultants at my hospital he just said to see own gp if worried i have appointment on 20th november (my con is on sick leave) I am curently taking salbutamol and atrovent nebs 4 each 4 times daily. I seem to need more salbutamol though and could still take more but I try to give myself a max of 8 salbutamol nebs in any one day. My question is can taking to many nebs send you the other way ie make you more poorly because I just seem to need more the more I take the more I need has anyone else ever had the same problem I always have emergency pred in my cupboard though and im not ill enough to need hospital treatment so please dont think im not looking after myself I dont mind doing the 9s if I need to I look forward to some advice thankyou in advance take care all xxx

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Needing to neb more is a sign your asthma is not under control.

Whern I am getting worse no amount of salbutamol helps. usually means I need to be addmitted. Every person is different though. i am always discharged from hospital on two hourly nebs.

You are currently doubling your regular dose what do you normally do when your in this situation? I wouldnt leave it too long before seeking help if you get any worse as the salbutamol isnt helping. I think maybe a trip your gp and start some pred maybe that would settle things down a bit?

hope this helps



Thanks for reply I am going to see GP on 20th to discuss curent situation like I say I am not at any point needing hospital intervention at min but just hopeing it stays that way. I was in over christmas last year noway do I want to be in for it again xx


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