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Damn Chest Infection!

Please help, anyone out there the same.....

I have had this thing for6 wks now and its getting me down! Am on Steroids and erthymicin antibiotics as well as my regular inhalers and still have difficulty breathing/sleeping plus I also feel dizzy and 'out of it'. My Gp also perscribed a over the counter hey fever drug for use when steroids have finished.

I also had some blood tests and as a result my white blood cells were very low and likewise my Phosphorous count? Does anyone know more about this Phosphorous count??

After all this time my GP finally asked me to cough up some sputum to find out what bug is causing me to be so unwell - this I struggled with as I keep swallowing it - anyway I managed to get a lil bit up and am now waiting for the results.

I have suffered with Asthma all my life and my parents tell me that I was in and out of hospital as a baby.

I feel that my asthma is not managed correctly and that my Docs are not doing there job in helping me acheive this as I seem to pick up infections so easily.

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Hello Flapjack!

Welcome to AUK!

Quick reply, just looked at your profile - do you have the racing pigeons at home (In a coop etc)

Please mention this to your doctor because you can pick up lung infections from pigeons.

If you have any problems please pester your GP or if real problems go to A&E via ambulance if you need to. Anyway, infections can be stubborn and sometimes it takes quite a bit of puff to cough up the gunk.

Take care




Hi Kate, and thanks for the reply much appreciated. I do keep the pigeons in a specially designed pigeon loft and am extremely careful - always wearing a loft coat and mask (I have been brought up with the racers), when I clean the loft I always shower and wash my hair.I know someone who had pigeon lung and died as a result and I swore that I would always look after myself and not contract the dreaded disease as I love my birds and have done well with them.

I will keep on pestering my GP though as I need answers to why I pick up infections too easily plus how to manage my asthma correctly.

thanks again Kate




i have a chest infection at the mo and i'm on cipro. i do have other lung condtions as well as asthma but i also pick up infections very easily. they found out that i have an immune defiency?? low IGG, maby u could ask your GP to check your IGG levels?

i hope we both feel better soon!!



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