How to stop coughing

Hello all,

I urgently need to stop coughing! I'm about to start a new job, and I don't want to look sick.

A week ago I finished a week of Ammoxicillin (+pred) for a nasty chest infection. I'm still coughing a lot, but I don't think enough to warrant breaking into my emergency co-amoxiclav (Augmentin) supply. I've now resorted to cough medicine containing Ammonium Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride and Guaifenesin.

What else can I do? I sound awful, and my colleagues keep commenting...

I don't need 'medical advice', I just want to see if anyone has any tips on how to get rid of a cough.


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  • You're actually taking what I would. I would take lots of reliever too. And then I would tell my co-workers that I have asthma, that I'm doing what I usually do to take care of it, but that it's certainly not contageous and it's just fine for me to be at work (and if needed the doctor I'm under care of has told me this).

    I feel your pain though. I am starting a few new jobs and getting ready to figure out what to say to people. Grrr. It's kind of scary and frusterating.


  • Hi. Sorry you're having a hard time with the coughing. I do a lot of it myself, and Bee There is quite right in the way he suggests that you deal with it at work. You might also find it helpful to print off one or two factsheets from this site to show to anybody who is concerned.

    One thing I do quite a lot when I'm coughing a lot is drink a hot toddy, which comes in two versions. Version I is a spoonful of honey, lots of lemon juice, hot water to melt the honey and a large slug of Bottlegreen lemon and ginger cordial. I find it eases the tension in my chest and the pain in my throat and helps me to relax.

    Oh, version 2 is the same as version 1 but it also has a large slug of scotch as well, and I generally have that before I go to bed.

    I hope things go well with your new job.

  • C, please let us know how you get on with the job (and the coughing!).

  • There are some cough suppression techniques... I find sipping water helps allot. Sometimes coughing itself will cause spasm of airways leading to an attack.

  • have you tried taking your cough medicine in a drop of warm water. it always helps me and was pharmacist that recommended it

  • hi - congratulations on the new job. i would definately explain about your asthma and thats why you are coughing as you never know when you might need them (sorry dont want to sound too pesimistic but you never know). other than that i would suggest that you keep a drink handy(not a really cold drink though) and some boiled sweets to suck on. good luck x

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