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The Gospel of viruses, chest infections and asthma!


Every winter for the past I can't remember how long I have had virus after virus, chest infection after chest infection, I live on antibiotics and prednisolone. Having had a nebuliser on Friday and being prescribed more antibiotics and steroids and staying off work, doing all the right things, I decided today to visit my GP to see if there is a reason why I keep getting recurrent chest infections and spending from September til May ill.

To give the GP her dues she was lovely, very sympathetic but I was given the following advice:

Asthma makes you more to prone to viruses, and as viruses are one of my triggers its a viscious


Get a different job - working with young children in a school environment is not helping me.

Has anyone had similar advice? Is there anything more I can be doing?

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I know this situation all too well. In fact, I get these things on a pretty much constant and it really is difficult, especially when you have so many things to get done all at once. (I for one have spent days at a time in tears because I couldn't meet deadlines or get stuff done quick enough). I guess the best advice I can give is try and keep up on your vitamins and minerals, eat well and (if you can use it or it doesn't trigger you) carry around an antibacterial hand sanitizer.

I carry a bottle of alcohol gel everywhere with me, as well as tissues and other hygiene products. I know it sounds like common sense, but I really can't over state the importance of hand hygiene in the bleak months to come.

Feel Better



Thank you Wendy

I just find it so frustrating. But I also know that there are people with far worse asthma than mine.

So to everyone suffering at the minute take care.

Rach. x


breathe through your nose at all times

Working with small children is a hotbed for cold and virus transmission.

If you breathe through your nose at all times then your breathing rate is far less.

the result is less inhalation of cold and flu viruses.

Your nose filters the air and you may get an initial infection in your nose but it will progress as normal to your throat at which stage your immunity should fight it off.

To qualify what your doctor said, it is your big breathing habit that has your immune system off balance and not your asthma.

With hyperventilation (mouth breathing is enough to qualify) your immune system is overactive so reacts to triggers as asthma and allergies. When you mouth breathe you breathe these bugs striaght into your lungs where it takes agesd to get rid of tehm as your bodies defence mechanism (nose) is avoided.

When you reduce your minute volume of breathing using step by step exercises then it goes back into balance.

Makes a massive difference as i found out. I rarely now get a chest infection or a cvold and if i do i can fight it like normal healthy people without effect on my asthma or health.

So if the job is more than a job, i.e. vocation, then fix your breathing.

Hardest to do when talking but all it takes is concentration and practice and not being tense or stressed about it. I would guess that you also suffer from feeling cold, with poor hand and feet circulation? All the same cause, many different symptoms. All fixable with your breathing. Permanently once you maintain your new breathing habit. Supports existing medication, talk to your doc about buteyko before trying it out, depending on your severity there are certain exercises only suitable for less severe sufferers.


Thank you

I will certainly mention Butekyo to my doc next time I'm there.


My old consultant told me to avoid small children as they have lots of germs!!

There was an article on the BBC website recently which said that exercise was good for preventing colds! Other than that all you can do is hand washing etc. like Wendy said.

Hope you don't get too many this winter! I seem to catch lots of them as well.

Take care



I read that same article actually lol!

Am currently down with another nasty one at the moment.

Hope your all keeping well

Wendy x


Thanks to everyone for their support. I really do appreciate it.

Peak flow is well down today - 150. Can't walk upstairs without needing to sit down. Ho hum the joys of asthma.

Have finished my course of antibiotics and steroids with no improvement. Feel another trip to docs coming on - when I can summon the energy lol.


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