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Using inhalers in the cold

This may be a very silly question and there may be a very simple solution but I can't think of it, so I hope you lot can help.

I tried to get out today and pushed myself far too far (and am paying the price now) and found I needed my reliever inhaler several times whilst out in the cold (it was -5 degrees Celsius this morning - bbrrrr). Thing is, when taking my inhaler outside, although I can warm it in my hands so the actual medicine is warm, I'm taking in a deep(ish) breath of very cold air with each puff and with cold air being a major trigger of mine that alone is making my asthma worse...

So what do I do (except never go out in the cold, but I was getting so frustrated I HAD to get out before I cracked)? I need my inhaler because walking and cold air trigger my asthma but actually taking it is giving me a substantial trigger.

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using inhalers in the cold

Hi Ratty, have you tried using your spacer and then you are not sucking a great lot of cold air and do you wear a scarf over your mouth when going out when its this cold.

just an idea



Hi Ratty, it's not usual to take inhalers in sub-zero temperatures! This might seem a bit mad (so not sure if this post needs modding and someone will probably come along with a more sensible solution) but a source of warm air when outside is that trapped underneath clothing. Would it be possible to use a reliever inhaler (perhaps with an Aerochamber as it seems to be the least bulky spacer) tucked under clothing below chin level? It's not ideal as it involves breathing in the medicine while facing downwards and you'd need to place a hand under clothing or a coat to press the inhaler. I've used Ventolin inhalers tucked under a skiing jacket in the past.


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