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New to Asthma


I m new to Asthma after being diagnosed in January this year, I originally went to the Doctors with a bad cough and was given several courses of antibiotics which didnt work, I was told it was fine to go on holiday to Cyprus and was given a bottle of strong painkillers to help me sleep!!!! Three days into my holiday IU was in hospital, I was thre fro three days then let out, back in again two days later on nebs and inhalers and told I cant fly home unless I stop coughing!!

i got home and saw my GP who told me its not Asthma but COPD. After seeing aa specailst at the local hospital it was finally diagnosed as asthma, I think I am now getting it ubder control, what I want to know is does it stay the same if you keep taking the meds ot does it get worse over the years, Im determined to not let this stop me going the gym etc but there have been days when I really stuggle to excersize like I used to.

I believe my asthma isnt severe but I found it really frightening in hospital in a foreign country when you cant breath.

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Sorry u had a bad holiday experience - sounds really scary!

Welcome 2 AUK too!

There r lots of friendly people here who want 2 make u feel welcome

and try 2 help u answer any baffling questions.

There are a few people here with COPD as well as asthma - so ur not alone.

Shadowcat xxx


Welcome to the madhouse bucketp. Sorry to read about your problems. Rest assured when we all put our straitjackets back on and our muzzles we are a nice bunch and loads of help.


Hi bucketp, welcome :o)

Sorry you've had such a bad time, sounds very scary, especially being in a foreign country when it all kicked off.

I've had asthma for nearly 21 years, never been sereve. As long as you follow your dr's advice and take the meds, it should help and settle things down for you. I imagine you've been given a preventer inhaler, this helps stop your airways from getting all irrated, unfortunately they do take about 2 wks to get to their full protection. It might take you dr some time to get your medication right for you, don't be disheartend by it, it can (not always) take time.

Try not to worry, easier said than done i know, but you've had a diagnoises and thats a good step in the right direction

i hope you're starting to feel a bit better. if you have any questions, feel free, there is a wealth of information on here :o)

take care



Hi bucketp, sounds a really frightening experience.

No, asthma will not inevitably get worse. It can stay much the same for years, it may even get less severe, or, if something triggers it off, you can possibly get bad patch. Perhaps more important is that with the medication available, the vast majority of people can get on and do all they did without asthma. It may take a while when you are first diagnosed to 'tweek' the medication so it is right for you. Also, I'd say, remember that if you have had a nasty attack like it sounds you have, it can take longer than you think to recover! Your lungs may well still be a bit 'twitchy', you might need to just work back up to your usual level of activity more gradually. I have made this mistake in the past!

hope this helps, there are lots of people here with lots more experience than me who I'm sure will be able to answer your questions.



Thanks very much for your replies, if i think of any more questions I know who to ask, all I can say is roll on my next holiday (not Cyprus).

Thanks again


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