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I have been struggling with my asthma worsening now for several months and been in and out of work during this time trying to stabilise. During these times of sitting in bed trying to catch some air I have been encouraged by checking in here and reading some of your posts and realising that I am not doing it alone and that there are others who know exactly how I feel. I wasn't going to join the discussion boards but then realised that if everyone did what I was doing and just reading them then there would be no discussion and therefore no support for everyone out there!!!!!! So HUGE thank you to everyone that contributes to these boards, you've helped me!

The other thing thats helped has been reading the tragic ""asthma death"" post which made me realise how serious our condition can be and that if we need to slow down and take time off to recover then so be it and that we shouldn't need to go round constantly apologising that we can't always meet the demands of others as we might be too unwell. I, along with several others on here it would seem, am guilty of always going back to work before I am fully better and then end up uncontrolled for longer! I think we're worth more than that eh!!!!!!

My GP has just started me on an additional salmeterol inhaler to complement my current regime of pred, seretide 500 (yep you can still get it!), ventolin, theophylline and singulair (as well as a multitude of antihistamines!) to try and stabilise during this lovely but stifling weather, so you can all hold me to it... No going back to stuff before we're fully fit to!!!!!!!!

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Hi Breathless...

I thought exactly the same as you! I have had a tremendous amount of support from these boards and people have really made me feel less like I am all alone.

I too make the habbit of either going back to work too soon and making myself worse or constantly apologising or explaining why I can't do much or why I am so tired!

I am learning although it be a slow process to do things more for me, quality of life is not all about if I can work full time or not hey!

The big thing I believe is peoples perception of asthma and how bad it really can be, some just really don't understand.

I will too second the huge thanks to those on here who have helped me and are helping me get through this rough patch, you know who you are!



reply to huge thankyou

Hi breathless

you have made me feel better already . I have had to take time off work as the weather has become hotter and i feel guilty for it . My office is hot and stuffy normally with lights computers and no fresh air so very stuffy . Last week the weather became hotter and hotter till I had to walk out on Tuesday , now on sick . Went to GP who was covering for my own GP and did not find her very useful just said stay indoors and rest but no advise on how best to use my inhalers more effectively . I have not used antihistimines before so asked if they would help she said I could try them but still was not very supportive .Up till know I have not had major problems with my asthma unlike many others on this forum ,so have little knowledge of the different helping strategies that can make life easier. I hope whilst on this forum I can gain some info that will help


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